Celebrating Our 2020 Theatre Grads


FIU Theatre is proud of our 26 new graduates! Here, in their own words, is what they are taking with them from their time at FIU. Join us in celebrating these talented artists! We are proud of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Tune in to their virtual commencement on Friday, May 8th at 10 a.m. at commencement.fiu.edu.

Lynette Adames

Throughout my time at FIU Theatre I have grown as an artist, and more importantly, as a person. I’m leaving this program with confidence and a voice I never thought I would be able to find. I now have a strength in me and have formed bonds that I will carry with me forever.


Katelyn Bourke


FIU Theatre gave me the home I didn’t even know I needed. There are too many moments to name: from conversations about Shakespeare in the green room to walking offstage and embracing my best friends to going to South Carolina and making friends all across the region. I found my voice here, literally and figuratively, and I am so excited to use it. Thank you for everything.

William Guevara

“Thank you for everything that this school has done for me. The professors, the students, and the environment had me feel something that I hadn’t felt in a long, long time: a place where I belong.”

Rachel Levy

My absolute favorite moment in the theatre program was stage managing Right You Are, If You Think You Are. This was the show I was able to take all I learned from the department and apply it. I really felt like this was the show I grew the most on while also still learning a lot. I wouldn’t have traded that show for the world.

Astrid Medina

I’ve met some of my life long friends in this department and I’m so grateful for that. Thanks to them I was able to walk these halls full of confidence and support throughout my theater journey. I’m also grateful for the faculty and the classes I took. I learned a lot about myself through the acting courses, different skills in the technical/design courses, and more about this lovely career in the history courses with the help of a faculty that was really hands-on and passionate to teach me their knowledge and help me have more tools in my tool belt for when I go out in the world. 

Sabrina Mendoza

i wish i could say a proper goodbye to all the students & faculty at FIU theatre. i wish i could actually have the words to sum up what my experience was these past five years. i wish there were enough thank you’s. so i’ll tell you what i learned: there are 1000 ways to be right as long as you breathe through the fear of being “wrong” and try them. 

Nick Menendez

Thank you for giving me a shot when I didn’t think I would get one.

Tatiana Mihaita

The emphasis on allowing yourself to just go for it, whether it’s “right” or “wrong”, works or doesn’t work, is an aspect of my performance classes that is important to bring into my personal life. You can plan and think all you want, but unless you try it, unless you do it and go for it with full force, then what you want is never going to get realized. 

I feel that a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear helps encompass the concept of “doing” that defines what acting and life are all about.

“Nothing will come of nothing: speak again”

When faced with uncertainty: speak, try, and hope again. Nothing will change if we do nothing.

Cristina Moahamed

FIU Theatre has shaped me into the woman I am proud of today. One of my fondest memories was wanting more experience working on films so I created a film festival and involved students from within and outside the department. A chapter is closing, but now a new one has opened! I’m grateful for every experience I’ve had and the people I’ve met. So, thank you. I carry you all in my heart. From now to forever.

Mattheau Monzo

Be confident and persistent and everything will eventually fall into place. You control your own destiny.

Amanda Pertierra

I really enjoyed working in the costume shop with Marina and Blair. I learned a lot from them and I’m going to miss them both.

Morgan Phares

I transferred into this program and I can honestly say that I found a family I wasn’t expecting to find. I have had so much fun and I will never forget what I’ve learned at FIU Theatre!

Teddy Ramon

It’s so hard to put into words all that I’ve learned here with you guys, but the thing I find myself thinking back on is all the love I’m leaving with. In my four years, I learned that I was so much more than what I thought I could be capable of because once you realize you are a part of something so much bigger than one person, you realize as long as you’re not going at it alone, you’re unstoppable. FIU Theatre made sure I’d never be walking alone again.

Justin Rodriguez

My time at FIU Theatre has given me some incredible experiences, memories, and friends that I will forever be grateful for having. It’s also taught me to not be afraid of being vulnerable in front of others. I can’t express how thankful I am for everyone who helped me through my time here, both faculty and students. Thank you.

Jash Sanghavi

In these past 4 years, FIU Theatre has given me the opportunity to break out of my shell and enjoy being who I am as a person. One of my favorite memories will always be working on the production A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings where I was able to find the enjoyment that comes with being on stage. I will always be grateful to everyone I have met in my four years here! Thank you!

Shawn Scarpitta

I will always remember FIU Theatre for making me not only a better actor but a better person. I learned to take in what I need to hear as opposed to what I want to hear.

Indy Sulleiro

In my time at FIU I discovered what I really love to do and the people that I love to do it with. I gained a support system and best friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life and that I can’t wait to create with again.

Rosalyn Tavarez

My time at FIU has been invaluable to my growth as an artist. I’ve had the opportunity to work with various directors, cast in versatile roles, and been able to get the full production experience. I’m so glad to have had this experience and am looking forward to what the future holds!

Leonardo Urbina

I actually have so many great memories here that it’s impossible to pick just one. I’m just eternally grateful for the faculty and friends I’ve met, the countless doors the faculty has opened for me, and the lessons I’ll definitely take on with me moving forward. 

Brandon Urrutia

My time here at FIU has been surrounded by others. There have been a plethora of ups and downs here, but at the end of the day the people around me have always managed to put a smile on my face. The countless support that I have received from my peers is unprecedented and is something that I refuse to let go of. I have never known a love like that of my best friends family. This is an experience I would not have wanted any other way.

Kyran Wright

Through all the trials I have triumphed! I can’t believe my time here is done, it feels like just yesterday when I met some of my closest friends back in acting 1. I am thankful of everyone I have met along the way, and for all the help and support I was given. So for one last time can we all say “GOOD MORNINNNNNNG!”.

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