Roselyn Moreno, a theatre student and RCL scholarship recipient


Roselyn Moreno is a full-time theatre student and a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Scholarship recipient. She’s pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance. During her first years of school, Roselyn had scholarships that covered her studies up to 120 credits. However, her theatre program is five years long, so RCL has helped her finance her last year of college. “At the time, I had also just become aware of Royal Caribbean’s influence on the Theatre Department and the partnership that we have and I thought, why not apply for this scholarship, maybe I’ll work for Royal Caribbean in the future.”

The theatre student has her senior project coming up soon. She says that she will re-apply for the scholarship with hopes of being able to work on her project without having to worry about the expenses. Roselyn believes that without the RCL scholarship, she wouldn’t have been able to further her education because she would be unable to complete the last year of the program. Thanks to the scholarship she can dedicate all her time and energy to school, rehearsing for shows and improving her acting skills. One of her most valuable experiences in the theatre program was being able to play Maria in La Nona, FIU’s first Spanish play, which sold out almost every night. “This scholarship has definitely positively impacted my future because I don’t have to start with a negative balance after I graduate, I start with a positive balance.” 



“Thank you so much. Without this, I don’t know what I would be doing to finish school and it’s really helping me with my future and the present so, thank you.”

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