Caroline Frias, a theatre student and RCL scholarship recipient


Caroline Frias is a full-time theatre student and a Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Scholarship recipient. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and hopes to become a costume designer one day, ideally living in New York. Her two brothers are going to college next year and she says that this scholarship has really helped her family manage their tuition expenses. Without the scholarship, it would´ve been hard for Caroline to dedicate all her time to her studies, as she probably would´ve had to take on a job outside of school. “Most of our work is in the nighttime so it would’ve been hard to have a work schedule because I have school in the morning and I have theatre at night.”

Caroline designed all the costumes for the performers in FIU’s latest play, La Nona. The play was sold out almost every night. “It was actually very monumental for the Theatre Department because it was our first Spanish play ever produced.” She is proud to have been a part of such an incredible experience, something that she might have not been able to do without the RCL scholarship. Caroline was the only costume designer in her program for almost two years, and she believes that her strong involvement in the theatre program is why she earned the scholarship. She has applied for the scholarship for three semesters and will continue to apply until she graduates.



“I’m very appreciative of the person who made the donation. Especially since there is not a lot of support in the Arts, it’s so nice to have people support us.”  

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