Joshiba Jean-Charles, a music student and recipient of the Spector-Lieff Music School Endowment scholarship


Joshiba Jean-Charles is a full-time music student and a Spector-Lieff Music School Endowment recipient. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Business and hopes to become a marketing manager for a major music company such as SONY or Executive Music Group (EMG) after she graduates. A musician herself, Joshiba started playing the violin when she was five years old and also picked up on the piano a few years later. She received the merit-based scholarship from the School of Music by auditioning for two judges, Robert Dundas and Karen Fuller. In the audition, she played a piece of her choice with the violin and was soon granted the scholarship due to her outstanding performance. The scholarship has helped Joshiba enhance her talents and has motivated her to continue pursuing her dream. Thanks to being selected for the scholarship, Joshiba said: “I realized that I had potential … and that I can do something great.”

As a freshman, she has already taken a music business course, which is part of her major’s track. “It’s helped me understand more of my career and what I want to do.” She’s also taken several music lessons that have helped her improve her instrumental abilities. Monika Miodragovic, who teaches piano at the School of Music, has inspired Joshiba throughout her time in college. “I see that she is of a very young age, yet she’s also a professor here, so I see that she did it and it inspires me to move forward.”


“Thank you for giving me an opportunity to get more of an education and I hope it continues so you can help other kids as well.”

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