Alumni Spotlight: Jhonander Camargo Labeau ’13, Communication Arts


Jhonander Camargo Labeau, ’13, has been putting his communication arts degree to good use. He currently works for TV Venezuela Studios, a Venezuelan broadcast channel for the Weyce Production Company, as a producer/reporter/writer, and co-produces two shows, “The Night News” and “Análisis with Julio Cesar.” He was recently presented the “Justice for All” award for outstanding contributions to victims of crime by the Coral Gables Police Department during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Camargo was previously at Selecta Magazine as a senior writer, where he worked on the editorial content, design, and headlines for the monthly magazine.

Camargo is used to hard work and dedication, having over fifteen years of experience playing competitive amateur and professional soccer. Playing on full scholarship for the FIU Men’s soccer team, he had to develop a high sense of responsibility in order to balance his academic and athletic lives. Both his professors and his coaches required him to excel, but he was grateful for the guidance they provided. Says Camargo, “people like Kenny Arena (former FIU men’s soccer team coach) and Joanne Brown (Communication Arts Department Chair) want you to succeed as a student, and as a person, so they go out their way to seek proper solutions to your problems. I had great support team.”

That support system was only one of the highlights of his time at FIU. The international aspect of the university meant that you could “converse with people from New Zealand, France, Brazil . . . from everywhere. Social life on campus is like a small sample of globalization and intercultural coexistence.”

When asked what he thought about the future of communication arts and design, Camargo is optimistic. He decided to study organizational communication because the program was “different, balanced, well structured, with an impressive prestigious roster of professors,” and had a quality of excellence unique to FIU. “Alumni . . . are quickly finding exciting opportunities in the job market, and this is a direct reflection of the great education they have received at FIU.”

Camargo will be returning in the fall to FIU to get a master’s degree in Global Communication Strategies.


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