Brian Schriner Appointed As FIU’s Inaugural Cultural Arts Liaison


A Message from the Provost, Dr. Kenneth Furton

I am also pleased to announce the appointment of Brian Schriner, Dean of the College of Architecture + The Arts, to serve as FIU’s Cultural Arts Liaison in addition to his responsibilities as dean.

The Arts is a strategic priority for FIU. To that end, as the Cultural Arts Liaison, Dean Schriner will create a task force to make recommendations on the best role for FIU in the cultural arts locally, nationally and globally. The task force will be comprised of the university’s museum directors as well as select faculty, administrators, board members, and community leaders.

The task force will make recommendations on strategic priorities that align with the identified goals of the FIUBeyondPossible2020 strategic plan. Areas of focus may include enhancing the utilization of existing and future cultural resources to improve second year retention rates, 6-year graduation rates, and seamless transition of graduates to careers. The task force also will work to expand opportunities for funded research and creative activity productivity, and assist in the establishment of a focused, inclusive branding campaign that elevates the arts.

Says Dean Schriner, “I am looking forward to working collaboratively with my colleagues across the university as we explore opportunities to leverage our cultural assets; elevate our brand; enhance research, creative activities, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy; and enhance student-learning by creating meaningful partnerships within the arts, the university’s three museums, the humanities, and traditional STEM disciplines.”

Please join me in thanking Dean Schriner for accepting this position.

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