FIU Landscape faculty & MBUS researcher renovates exterior of Boca Raton Museum


FIU Department of Landscape Architecture faculty member and Miami Beach Urban Studios researcher, Roberto Rovira, in partnership with Margi Glavovic of Glavovic Studio, debuted the new, renovated exterior of the Boca Raton Art Museum.

Studio Rovira and Glavovic Studio were commissioned to undertake a $1.8 million renovation to generate a more visible and inviting exterior to the Boca Raton Museum. The 27,000-sq-ft project features a combination of elements rethinking the museum’s exterior as a canvas that opens up into the city. The pair looked for ways to take advantage of the block-long length of the museum and transformed the existing sidewalk into an exterior gallery and promenade to the passing public.

“The transformation of the Boca Museum of Art is remarkable. Thousands of vehicles and pedestrians go by the museum daily for years, probably without ever realizing that a museum with a world-class collection lays behind the towering walls,” said Rovira.

The undulating landscapes of the promenade are comprised of native grasses, low plantings and bronze sculptures by artist Hanneke Beaumont combined with a vertical green wall that uses alternating textures of blooming vines to enhance the sidewalk experience.

“We are honored to have collaborated with architect Margi Glavovic to create a new public space for the city.”

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