Karim Rashid to be Keynote speaker at 2015 Interior Design Emerging Symposium!


FIU and its Interior Architecture Department will host the 2015 Interior Design Emerging Symposium at The College of Architecture + The Arts | Miami Beach Urban Studios in April 2015.

The Interior Design Emerging Symposium will gather various representatives of interior design and architecture to advocate for professional identity, support cultural diversity through design, encourage global connectivity, and foster interdisciplinary exchanges. The 2015 symposium theme, Blurred Lines, refers to those narrow and vacillating borders between the designs of interior spaces and the objects, forms, and technologies that interact in and out of those spaces. Blurred Lines will investigate the ever-evolving role of the Interior Architect / Interior Designer as an individual that creatively touches every part of the built landscape (Source: 2015 Interior Design Emerging Symposium). The keynote speaker for the symposium will be Interior Architect and Industrial Designer Karim Rashid.

Sarah Boehm, Assistant Professor in the FIU Interior Architecture Department, coordinates this amazing meeting of practitioners, scholars, and students. Next year will mark the second bi-annual symposium to be hosted by FIU at the Miami Beach Urban Studios under the direction of Professor Boehm.

Symposium guests will be exposed to an interdisciplinary approach to design when participants share and discuss ideas and research findings. From such an experience, they will learn “new possibilities and reinvented spaces and objects that blur the lines of convention and shape an unbounded future.”

The schedule for the 2015 Interior Design Emerging Symposium will be as follows:

 April 10th, 2015


Breakfast & Registration


Keynote Address: Karim Rashid


Individual Presentations


Lunch & Workshop Presentations


Poster Session


Individual Presentations


Coffee Break


Pecha Kucha Presentations


Closing Remarks

 The 2015 Interior Design Emerging Symposium will take place on April 10th, 2015 at The College of Architecture + The Arts | Miami Beach Urban Studios: 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

 To register for the symposium, click here. To answer the call for proposals and submit your own work to the symposium, click here.

This article was written by Sarah Boehm, Assistant Professor in the FIU Interior Architecture Department.

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