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The Communication Arts Studio, with locations in Modesto A. Maidique Campus and the Biscayne Bay Campus, provides expert coaching and instruction for all forms of oral communication.

The art of communicating with impact and style requires preparation, practice and polish, reads the Studio’s departmental webpage. Whether you are preparing for a class, conference, interview, debate, sales call, oral brief or a performance, a communication coordinator from the Communication Arts Studio can help.

Serving thousands of students, the Studio is staffed with experienced speech instructors who specialize in the preparation, organization, and delivery of all types of oral presentations. They are eager to assist the FIU community with improving body language, speaking more confidently, organizing ideas, reducing anxiety, improving eye contact, and seamlessly incorporating visual aids to create dynamic presentations.

Any member of the FIU community is welcome to use the Studio’s facilities, and is encouraged to make an online appointment through its scheduling website. The Studio will be open Monday through Friday until the last day of the Spring semester, except on University holidays. Evening hours are available.

For more information, visit the Communication Arts Studio in Viertes Haus 230 in the Modesto Maidique Campus, or its Biscayne Bay Campus location at room 210 at the Academic Center 1 building.

For more information about scheduling appointments see the Studio usage guidelines, or contact the Studio.


Contact Us:
MMC: VH 230 – (305) 348-0069
BBC: AC1 210 – (305) 919-4140
Communication Arts Studio
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