Comprehensive Design Studio Visits Warehouse Complex by Chandler and Associates


On Thursday, June 11th, students from the Comprehensive Design Studio course visited a new building site designed by Chandler and Associates.

Four sections of the design course met in Doral to analyze the Warehouse Complex site designed by the firm. Comprehensive Design Studio involves a professional practice exercise, in which the students design a building and propose all of the construction systems that will go in it. They conduct a full site and environmental analysis and study zoning and codes, architecture, structures, mechanics, plumbing, electrics, ADA and Life Safety, and construction details. To enhance learning, the students visit sites like that of Chandler and Associates.

Chandler and Associates, Architecture was founded in 1997 by principal and FIU Architecture Chair Jason Chandler. Over the years, Chandler and Associates has completed a diverse number of projects locally and internationally, ranging from designing small-scale residential projects to master planning technology parks. The firm’s work has been published several times and has appeared in the Miami Herald and New York Times. The firm has won both Miami and Florida A.I.A. awards and has received recognition in several design competitions. (Source: Chandler and Associates)

The four sections of the Comprehensive Design Studio course that visited the site are taught by Nicolas Baker (Adjunct Faculty), Nathaly Haratz (Adjunct Faculty), Glenda Puente (Adjunct Faculty), and Henry Rueda (Visiting Instructor).

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