Comprehensive Design Studio joins Glavovic Studio in Visiting the Young at Art Museum


On Thursday, June 18th, students from the Comprehensive Design Studio course visited the Young at Art Museum in Davie, Florida.

Joining the four sections of the design course was Glavovic Studio, the firm behind the design of the museum. The students spent the afternoon in and around the museum with Margi Nothard (Design Principal and President of Glavovic Studio) and Andrea Richard (Communications Manager at Glavovic Studio). Nothard and Richard explained the full process of the museum’s structure, from the early design concepts to the final construction details.

The four sections of the Comprehensive Design Studio course that visited the site are taught by Nicolas Baker (Adjunct Faculty), Nathaly Haratz (Adjunct Faculty), Glenda Puente (Adjunct Faculty), and Henry Rueda (Visiting Instructor).

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