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‘Manifest Destiny’ at Little Haiti Cultural Center Features Faculty and Alumni

The College of Architecture + the Arts’ Pip Brant (Associate Professor) and Edison Penafiel (FIU BFA ’14) are featured in a new exhibition at the Little Haiti Cultural Center called Manifest Destiny. The exhibition is presented by the Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery, Tradisyon Lakou Lakay, and Future Roots Collective, and is curated by Marie Vickles, Curator-In-Residence at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex Gallery.

This exhibition explores humanity’s desire to understand and define the “manifestation of destiny,” at both the individual level and as a part of the larger human collective. The concept of Manifest Destiny is explored as a recurring theme of will, power and in more contemporary times, as the channeling of esoteric energy and desire. This theme is further illustrated by the work in this exhibition as it relates to the pre-colonial and westward “settlement” of the Americas, in the late 19th century through present day 21st century. (Source: Curatorial Commentary, Little Haiti Cultural Center)

29 local artists are featured in Manifest Destiny:

Laetitia Adam  Barbara Bollini  Pip Brant  Carter Jackson Brown  James Brutus
Randy Burman  Jean Chiang  Elaine Defibaugh  Sokari Ekine  Ingrid Espinal  Marguerite Gil
Ani Gonzalez  Henry Grunberg  Jennifer Kay  Christian Mejia  Aurora Molina  Guilherme Moraes
Adriano Nicot  Edison Penafiel  Claudio Picasso  Myriame Pierre  Joel Rabadan  Eduardo Alexander Rabel
Jahaira Ríos-Gálvez  Asser Saint-Val  MA Sentient  Molly Cécile Surazhsky  Hattie Mae Williams  Alex Zastera

Manifest Destiny will run until November 21st, 2014 at the Little Haiti Cultural Center: 212-260 NE 59 Terrace, Miami, FL 33137. For more information, call (305) 960-2969.

About the Little Haiti Cultural Center/Complex: The Mission of the Little Haiti Cultural Center/Complex (LHCC) is to provide a space that brings together people and ideas to promote, showcase and support Afro-Caribbean culture in South Florida. www.littlehaiticulturalcenter.com

About Tradisyon Lakou Lakay: In existence since March 2001, TLL is founded on the belief that everyone has hidden talents which at times need to be activated and unveiled. TLL makes that possible by facilitating the opportunity for youth to discover their hidden talents through its programs and partnerships. We are all intelligent individuals and have something to offer to our communities and the world we live in. www.tllakayinc.com

About Future Roots Collective: Established in 2003, Future Roots Collective is an ever-evolving group of artists, designers, creatives and community motivators that work in loose, and sometimes tight, collaborative efforts to propel the arts in avenues of education, artist development and cultural initiatives. www.futurerootscollective.com

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Large Audience Gathers for Ed Bell of WLRN at FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS

Ed Bell, host, producer, and announcer at WLRN, lectured at the College of Architecture + The Arts | Miami Beach Urban Studios, as part of the FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS.

At MBUS, Bell announced his retirement from WLRN after working in the public radio outlet for 37 years. He discussed his work as producer and host of South Florida Arts Beat, and he discussed influences on his taste for Jazz, Blues, and Rock N’Roll.

Helmut Schuster (owner of Gallery Schuster in Berlin, Miami, and Potsdam) helped to lead the talk with Bell. CARTA Dean Brian Schriner and many of Bell’s friends and colleagues were in attendance at MBUS for the event, and Russel Mofsky of The Gold Dust Lounge and Andrew Yeomanson of Spam Allstars performed a musical piece in honor of Bell’s career.

Bell has been involved in the local music scene since getting his start on the air at the University of Miami’s WVUM in 1971. In the years that followed, he co-produced jazz legend “Symphony Sid” Torin’s show on the all-jazz WBUS, Miami Beach. Bell hosted live broadcasts of Jazz concerts on WTMI from the Airliner Jazz Club and worked as a sound designer at the Coconut Grove Playhouse. Since starting at WLRN 91.3 FM in 1977, Ed has spearheaded many initiatives in support of South Florida’s jazz and blues artists, especially in his work as a promoter and concert series producer. One of Ed’s most distinguished efforts as a jazz producer was his role as a principal co-founder of the Hollywood Jazz Festival. From 1983 to 1986, Ed turned the festival into a memorable weekend of television and live radio broadcasts of top locally, nationally and even internationally known jazz musicians. In his first twenty years at WRLN, Ed was instrumental in making WLRN South Florida’s premier jazz and blues station. Soon after coming to WLRN, he began his Lunchtime Miami program featuring a broad history of great American music, jazz, blues and R&B. Each Friday, he produced a half-hour segment called South Florida’s Own that highlighted the work of the best local jazz, blues and R&B musicians. Interspersing his music presentations with intelligent interviews featuring international, national and local musicians and cultural arts leaders, the show became a unique presentation on the South Florida radio dial. In June, 1995, local news magazine New Times deemed Ed the Best Local Jazz Advocate in its best of South Florida issue. (Source: WLRN)

Bell brought his broadcast production expertise in January 1999 to a new program called Topical Currents, broadening his radio presentations to include diverse cultural arts activities all over South Florida. That show is now called South Florida Arts Beat, broadcasting regionally to four counties in South Florida (from Jupiter to Key West) and worldwide on WLRN’s Internet site every Friday at 1:00 pm, EST. (Source: WLRN)

The four-part lecture series of the FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS culminates in a curated CARTA exhibition at UNTITLED during Art Basel | Miami Beach. This public-private partnership between the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts and UNTITLED Art Fair and Helmut Schuster aligns with the strategic goals outlined in CARTA 2020. Dean Brian Schriner said, “It is an excellent opportunity to (re)introduce CARTA – our faculty, students, professional staff, and alumni – to the community, while being a vital part of Art Basel and the international arts community.”

Through this partnership, the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts aims to set itself apart as a national and global thought-leader in contemporary art and design, and as an institution involved in the local and international artistic and cultural communities through the work of its seven departments. The College also aims to position its Miami Beach Urban Studios, as Dean Schriner put it, “as a global solution-center that utilizes the power of architecture and the arts to create, innovate, and inspire solutions to social, economic, and environmental problems.”

The next event in the FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS series will occur on Monday, November 17th, 2014. Check the website for more details. http://arttalksmiami.com/.

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New exhibition at MAC Fine Art features alumni and faculty

MAC Fine Art will open a new exhibition called Sidetracked on Saturday, October 18th during Art Fallout 2014. The exhibition will feature several FIU students, alumni, and faculty.

Below is a statement by the gallery about Sidetracked:

Sidetracked is a group show curated by Rochi Llaneza in which the work of the artists is either the result of being sidetracked or sidetracking intentionally to accomplish an objective.

[We] came upon this statement from Sir Ken Robinson that sets the tone for this exhibition: “Divergent thinking…is an essential capacity for creativity. It’s the ability to see lots of possible answers to a question, lots of possible ways to interpret a question, to think laterally, to think not just in linear or convergent ways, to see multiple answers, not one.”

The exhibit includes works by

Aaron Arroyave (FIU Medical student)
Eddie Arroyo (FIU BFA ’01)
Lidia Cara
Margarita Castro
Gary Fonseca (FIU BFA ’07)
Julie Friel (FIU MFA ’99)
Bryan Hiveley (Past Instructor, FIU Art + Art History Department)
Galt Mikesell
Alex Nunez
Tina Salvesen
Gretchen Scharnagl (Full-Time Instructor of Art + Art History Department and the Honors College)
Yomarie Silva-O’Neal (FIU MFA ’05)
Daniel Elijah Novem (Daniel Fernandez, FIU BFA ’08)

Sidetracked will open on Saturday, October 18th, 2014 at 5PM at MAC Fine Art: 833 NE 4th Lane, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304. Free and open to the public.

There will also be a musical performance by Daniel Elijah Novem (Daniel Fernandez, FIU BFA ’08).

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Alumni Sofia Bastidas and Guillermo Leon Gomez are 2015 Artists In Residence at Cannonball

College of Architecture + The Arts alumni Sofia Bastidas (FIU BA ’13) and Guillermo León Gómez (FIU BA ’12) have been announced as 2015 artists-in-residence at Cannonball.

Cannonball’s Residency program is “a hybrid, multi-disciplinary program….”

[The program] empowers Miami’s cultural producers and sustains the city’s position as a hotbed for contemporary art by infusing it with artists and arts professionals from around the globe. In an effort to create a new model of cultural exchange in a city popular for its beaches, night life, and art fairs the Residency Program offers artists the first formal live/work environment in Miami. The primary focus of the Residency Program is two-fold: 1) provide long-term, affordable live/work space for Miami artists and 2) offer international artists, scholars, curators, and other cultural producers year-round opportunities to research, create new work, and respond to issues at stake in South Florida.

Founded in October 2010 and generously supported by major grants from the John S. and James L. Knight FoundationThe Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts, the Residency Program is comprised of six live/work spaces. Three of the studio spaces are dedicated to year-long residencies for Miami artists and cultural producers and three are for one-to-three month residencies by visiting national/international artists, curators, writers, scholars, and other cultural producers.

Hosting approximately 15 residents per year, Cannonball complements the Residency Program with a broad menu of educational and professional opportunities for residents. In Fall 2014, Cannonball will inaugurate its research.art.dialogue. (r.a.d) program, an alternative school that will host a faculty of international artists, theorists, and curators. Semester-long courses and intensive seminars will be offered throughout the year. Residents are welcome to participate in all R.A.D.-related programming. Through regular, structured programs such as workshops, presentations, and one-on-one consultations with attorneys, gallerists, and arts professionals, residents receive the tools and knowledge to advance their careers. In addition, residents receive technical and administrative support as needed from Cannonball staff. (Source: Cannonball)

Sofia Bastidas is the founder and director of Dwelling Projects, a traveling residency that supports the creation, presentation, and dissemination of contemporary art through its annual program. She also sells and advises about Latin American contemporary art.

Guillermo León Gómez has exhibited at the Little Haiti Cultural Center (CARTA News, November 2013) and has fulfilled residencies at Elsewhere Museum in North Carolina and at Inkub8 in Miami, where he held his Sound + Body Lab (CARTA News, August 2014).

The image of Sofia Bastidas is provided courtesy of Teodora Dakova Photography. The image of Guillermo León Gómez is from his work, Untitled (Masking) Video Still, 2012.

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Arist Melisa Caprio Exhibits Work at BBC Photography Gallery

At the FIU Photography Gallery at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus, Melisa Caprio is showing her work in Dolphin Human Therapy, starting Monday, October 27th.

To describe the theme behind this exhibition, Caprio presents the following statement:

I sit on the dock and patiently wait; wait for the right moment to click the shutter. I watch therapists and dolphins work with children whose disabilities range from mild to severe. These children come to receive therapy, love and healing. As I watch, I am in awe of the humility, empathy and wonder they possess. As I photograph, I see the children’s confidence grow. They are not judged and they learn what it means to trust themselves and others. I watch as they become more powerful in their own skin. These children represent everything that is intricately complicated and beautiful about humankind. Through photography, they allow me into this world, to behold the beauty of the subject matter as it evolves.

This project started in 2000 and ended for me in 2006. Every day I was blessed with the privilege of being a part of something that cannot be explained in words. The photographs tell a much better story. There is a sacred relationship between the highly intelligent animals and these children who have trouble communicating. When the children are exposed to the dolphins, their little bodies riddled with whatever syndrome or disease, become open and responsive; something magical happens. The animals that I have gotten to know very intimately can read these children and always know exactly what they need to motivate them.

There are thousands of photographs in my collection, which are all unique in their own way. I found something beautiful in the symbiotic relationship between the two. When I watch the dolphins work with those children, I am witnessing something extraordinary happen…and that is something to see.

The FIU Photography Gallery – and this exhibition – is directed by Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gómez, Professors of Photography.

An Artist’s Discussion with Melisa Caprio will take place on Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 5PM at FIU Biscayne Bay Campus: 3000 N.E. 145 Street, Academic II – Room 105, North Miami, Florida 33181.

Dolphin Human Therapy will run from October 27th to November 24th, 2014 at the FIU Photography Gallery. Gallery Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 11AM – 3PM; Tuesday and Thursday, 4PM – 6PM.

Caprio is currently a fine art photographer, as well as the owner of Postcards to the Universe, a “global movement for manifestation” – and, soon, a book project – that calls individuals to write their wishes and desires on a postcard and send them out into the universe. Some of Caprio’s works are in the collection of the Ringling Museum of Art, she has exhibited at 1310 Gallery and Art Fallout, and she has published two works of literature online related to photography. Caprio also gives workshops on the art of photography and manifestation.

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New Graduate Lab Opens at Studio Room, Biscayne Bay Campus

On FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC), Master of Fine Arts students now have a place to study and focus on their coursework. The studio room at the Academic Two building in Room 150 was originally only for painting. Today, its features include sewing machines for surface design – two of which are computerized, Procion Reactive Dyes, Shobori, textile printing, surface embellishment, Macintosh computers and scanners for silk-screening, and a thermo imager. The room also has a 20-foot ceiling and 8-foot-tall north windows that let in natural light.

This is the first time space has been devoted as a Graduate Lab to Master of Fine Arts candidates that frequent BBC. The Lab is also available for Bachelor of Fine Arts students. Thus, peers from these two different programs can work side by side and learn in a calm environment that also allows for camaraderie.

“I have been working in the studio for the past month,” said Nathalie Alfonso, Bachelor of Fine Arts student, who has decided to make use of the resources at the Studio Room and its Grad Lab. “The space is full of natural light, is very clean and has many tables and other materials to work with. It is very quiet, and it’s comfortable to work there.”

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Film ‘Right to Wynwood’ by BFA Alumna to be Screened at The Light Box

A screening and Q&A session for Right to Wynwood, a film made by College of Architecture + The Arts alumna Camila Álvarez (BFA ’13) and Natalie Edgar, will take place at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse and will be hosted by III Points.

Right to Wynwood won Best Documentary Film at the Miami Short Film Festival. Álvarez and Edgar directed the film, Álvarez produced the film, and Edgar is the film’s director of photography. Right to Wynwood explores the issue of gentrification in the booming, cultural center of Miami, FL. The film interviews residents who have been affected by the changes made in Wynwood, and takes a look into the way some longtime residents of the area have left or been pushed out, as restaurants, galleries, and other venues flow in and become part of the cultural scene. The film had its first screening just before Art Basel | Miami Beach weekend 2013. (Source: CARTA News, March 2014)

This weekend’s screening and Q&A will be hosted by III Points, an “art+ music + technology summit in Wynwood,” during its “interactive festival incorporating local and national talent to perform, interact and discuss.” Among the musicians in the line-up for this weekend’s festival is popular indie singer Lykke Li. (Source: III Points on Facebook).

The screening and Q&A for Right to Wynwood will take place on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse: 404 NW 26th St, Miami, Florida 33127. Free and open to the public.

The featured images is by III Points.

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Michael Namkung Presents Paper at the Southeastern College Art Conference

The College of Architecture + The Arts’ Michael Namkung, Assistant Professor of Drawing, has been selected to present his paper at the 2014 Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) in Sarasota this Friday, October 10th.

Additionally, Namkung’s work Baby Picture #36 (pictured above) will be included in a juried exhibition of the 2014 SECAC. The juror for the exhibition is Matthew McLendon, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Ringling Museum, Sarasota, FL. The juror will select one artist to receive a “Best-in-Show” award and may, at his discretion, bestow additional honorable mention awards. (Source: Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC))

The juried exhibition of the 2014 Southeastern College Art Conference will open on Wednesday, October 8th, 2014 to the public, with a members’ reception on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 at the Sarasota Art Center: 707 N Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.

Namkung will present his paper, “Drawing Under Duress,” as part of the contemporary drawing panel of the conference. The name of the panel is “Porous Borders: The Changing Face of Contemporary Drawing,” and its purpose is described as the following:

“In the latter part of the 20th century, the perception of exactly what drawing is, or could be, underwent a seismic shift. An activity that had been historically perceived as an act of preparation evolved into a primary means of expression: a sunburned body or channel cut into the floor of the desert could lay claim to the discipline as readily as the traditional mark on a page. Through surface, 20 space, time, and technology, the intervening years have done little to diminish the malleability and elasticity of drawing. From the rigorously traditional to the experimental fringe, this session, the second in a series at SECAC, seeks perspectives on contemporary drawing and the historical precedents that have allowed it to flourish in recent years. A variety of proposals [we]re encouraged from practitioners, critics, and historians invested in the current state of drawing as a primary means of creative activity.” (Source: Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC))

Namkung’s “Drawing on Duress” discusses how drawing can offer a “return to the body.” Namkung explains that “as technological mediation of human experience expands, human beings have developed increasingly sedentary and solitary behaviors, becoming ever more disconnected from our bodies. Our body of knowledge on the human condition has become literally disembodied, overly abstract, and set adrift from lived experience. I practice drawing under physical strain to explore a state of consciousness, a condition of vulnerability, and a certainty of failure rooted in the body. I emphasize the activity of drawing as a physical relationship between body and environment, in which drawings define the site of sensory perception, where the self and the world physically touch. This relationship reveals itself in biomorphic drawings composed of marks that refer directly to spatial and temporal measures of the body; drawing as an index of human experience. This paper shares two ongoing drawing investigations. In Drawing Gym, I explore the intersection of drawing and athletics by combining strenuous exercise with traditional drawing tools, making drawings based on movements of my body and the bodies of others. In Baby Pictures, I designed a hybrid drawing-printmaking system to record my newborn son’s movements throughout his first year of life.

The Chair of the contemporary drawing panel of SECAC 2014 is Pete Schulte, University of Alabama and the Co-Chair is Travis Head, Virginia Tech.

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Alex Trimino’s (MFA ’12) Exhibit ‘Tales from a Sun-Drenched Elsewhere’ at Diana Lowenstein Gallery

A new exhibition by College of Architecture + The Arts alumna Alex Trimino (FIU MFA ’12) is on display at the Diana Lowenstein Gallery until November 1st, 2014. The exhibition, entitled Tales from a Sun-Drenched Elsewhere explores how tradition and new technology can come together to determine how we connect to present reality. The show is the inaugural exhibition for the Diana Lowenstein Gallery’s 2014-2015 season.

The following statement about Tales from a Sun-Drenched Elsewhere is provided by Trimino.

Illuminated totem poles covered in crochet, knitting, and found objects reveal the similarities between modern, hi-tech materials (micro-controlled neon lights) and colloquial, lo-tech crafts (crochet, knitting, and weaving) used, creating an equilibrium between traditions, technologies, and generations. Old ways and new technologies commingle together exploring how we connect to reality today. Tales from a Sun-Drenched Elsewhere explores the nostalgic desire to revisit time like space, refusing to surrender to the irreversibility of time.

Trimino, born in Colombia, lives and works in Miami, FL. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida International University. As a recipient of the the Joan Mitchell Foundation Scholarship for Visual Artists, she attended the Ox-Bow Artist Residency affiliated with the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. In addition, she has been the recipient of several awards from institutions such as the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, the Elliot Museum, the Appleton Museum of Art, the Rawls Museum Arts, and the Cambridge Art Association and was selected to participate in an International Art Symposium in Sweden. Her work can be found in public and private collections. (Source: Diana Lowenstein Gallery)

Tales from a Sun-Drenched Elsewhere is on display until Saturday, November 1st, 2014 at the Diana Lowenstein Gallery: 2043 North Miami Avenue, Miami FL 33127. Free and open to the public.

In the header image, the image on the left is provided courtesy of the Diana Lowenstein Gallery, and the image on the right is provided courtesy of Alex Trimino.

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Gianna DiBartolomeo (BFA ’07) Opens Art Exhibit ‘BREATHE’ at Coral Gables Art Walk

On Friday, October 3rd, Gianna DiBartolomeo (FIU BFA ’07) will open BREATHE during the Coral Gables Art Walk.

The following statement about BREATHE is provided by DiBartolomeo.

Gianna DiBartolomeo is a local artist, born and raised in Miami. Ms. DiBartolomeo believes the things we go through in life are not singular but shared by many. Her work is about life’s journey – the places it takes us, the bumps in the road, and the remarkable discoveries along the way.

Breathing is vital to our existence as it supplies our organs with oxygen and is a means to remove toxins from the body. The exhibit BREATHE celebrates this process and serves to remind us to appreciate the good things in our lives and to and release the bad. (Source: Gianna DiBartolomeo)

At the opening reception for BREATHE, there will be tastings and live music.

The opening reception for BREATHE will take place on Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 8PM at Upstairs Yoga: 3119 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Second Floor, Coral Gables, FL 33146.

The exhibit is on display for the month of October by appointment only. For more information, call the (786) 493-9458.

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Carlos Rigau (BFA ’02) Is Finalist in 2014-2015 CINTAS Fellowship Competition in Visual Arts

The Miami Dade College Museum of Art + Design, in collaboration with the CINTAS Foundation, has announced College of Architecture + The Arts alumnus Carlos Rigau (FIU BFA ’02) as a finalist in the 2014-2015 CINTAS Fellowship Competition in Visual Arts. On Friday, October 10th, an opening reception will be held at MDC’s Freedom Tower, where Rigau will be exhibiting his work.

Carlos Rigau was born in 1978 and raised in Little Havana in Miami, Florida. He graduated in 2002 from FIU with a double major in Fine Art and Television Communications. In 2009, he completed the Master of Fine Arts program at Hunter College in New York. He has exhibited his work in Berlin, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Miami, in spaces such as Fabric Workshop, the de la Cruz Collection, Locust Projects, Emerson Dorsch, Tilton Gallery, Nice and Fit Gallery, and David Castillo Gallery. In addition to his work as an artist, Carlos co-directs an experimental, artist-run space named General Practice with Nick Klein, Ibett Yanez and Carlos Ascurra. Rigau is represented by LMAKprojects in New York City.

Rigau said that FIU prepared him for an opportunity such as being a finalist in the CINTAS Foundation competition. “FIU’s Visual Arts program and faculty laid a foundation [for] thinking critically,” said Rigau. “This training would later aid me in shifting through the complexities of the visual world. Working with Peggy Levison Nolan, Constantino Manuel Torres, William Burke, Mirta Gomez del Valle, and Eduardo del Valle sharpened a sense of awareness of how the different media/practices can be read and understood. The time spent in the FIU Art + Art History Department shaped my practice.”

The CINTAS Fellowship Program encourages creative development in architecture, literature, music composition and the visual arts. The Foundation was established with funds from the estate of Oscar B. CINTAS (1887-1957), the former Cuban ambassador to the United States and a prominent industrialist and patron of the arts. In June of 2011, the CINTAS Foundation entered into an extended loan to MDC’s Museum of Art + Design of the CINTAS Fellows Collection, comprised of nearly 300 pieces by artists of Cuban descent living outside Cuba who have received prestigious CINTAS Fellowships, awarded since 1963. (Source: www.cintasfoundation.org)

The opening reception of the 2014-2015 CINTAS Foundation Fellows Finalist Exhibition in Visual Art will be on Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 6PM, at the MDC Museum of Art + Design’s Freedom Tower: 600 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132. The exhibition will run until November 9th, 2014. Free and open to the public.

The featured image is provided courtesy of Carlos Rigau.

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Faculty Spotlight: Professor Emeritus Clive King

Clive King, Professor Emeritus of Fine Art at the College of Architecture + The Arts, is an artist and a former Chair of the FIU Art + Art History Department (1992-98). He has also been the Chair of Visual Arts (1987-92) and the Chair of the Visual Arts Program (1979-87) at Oxford Brookes University and a Course Leader for Communication Arts at the Salisbury College of Art in England.

King has been featured in publications such as the current Manifest International Drawing Annual, 100 Southern Artists, Arts Review, Studio International, The Miami Herald, and The Oxford Times. King was also featured on the DVD “In and out of the Box,” along with current chair Jacek Kolasinski, and has illustrated work for Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleur Du Mal (The Flowers of Evil).

Some of King’s artwork is included in collections across the United States and Europe, such as those of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) Wales and Florida International University.

He was awarded artist’s residencies at the Yorkshire Art Association in Bradford, the British American Art Association in Philadelphia, and the University of Minnesota, and has twice been the recipient of an annual art fellowship from the South Eastern College of Art Conference and the Florida Individual Arts Fellowship. He has given lectures at institutions like the Royal College of Art in London, Pratt Institute, Weisman Museum of Art, and Virginia Commonwealth University. He has held many drawing workshops at notable institutions across the country, including the Kansas City Art Institute, the University of Utah, the South Dakota Museum of Art, and the University of Alabama.

King has also exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions throughout his career as an artist. The list of venues that have exhibited his work includes the Barbican Art Center, London, MOMA Wales, Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, and the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.

King studied at the Goldsmiths College of Art in London and the Exeter College of Art, completing his studies in 1966. He has received the “Wales Now” National Exhibition award twice, the British Art Association travel award, the Oxford Brookes University Creative Development Award, and the FIU Provost’s Research Award.

King is a member of the College Art Association of America and the South Eastern College of Art Association. He retired from full-time teaching in 2010, and devotes his time to preparing for new exhibitions and running intuitive drawing workshops throughout the U.S.

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Andrew Horton, MFA Candidate, and Marcos Valella, Alumnus, Participate in FALL SEMESTER, an Initiative for Public Discussion

On October 9th and 10th, students, alumni, and faculty from the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts will participate in FALL SEMESTER, a new discussion series in Miami.

FALL SEMESTER is an independent initiative for public discussion on contemporary society and culture, aiming to test what can be achieved in the sped-up production of discourse and what can happen when new material is introduced into local discourse–a bomb-drop of new data. Will such a thing have quantifiable effects? Will it be jolting enough to speed up our own desire for a deeper dimension of self-understanding and reflection? Will it, on the contrary, only be another event in which theoretical performance is put to the service of spectacle, showing up the divisions that we face daily? FALL SEMESTER’s wager is laid down in the space cracked open by these questions. Having the general scheme of public lectures and a digital platform, FALL SEMESTER invites a group of international theorists and architects to take on topics of urbanization, turning their focus on the very city in which it is happening –Miami—since this city may itself be a model of what the contemporary city is slowly becoming. Founded in Miami in Summer of 2013 by artists Odalis Valdivieso and Lidija Slavkovic, FALL SEMESTER seeks to bring together a diverse group of theorists, critics, researchers, and interested individuals to engage in multifaceted discourse on contemporary society and culture available across multiple platforms at no cost to participants. (Source: FALL SEMESTER)

The team behind FALL SEMESTER is a diverse group of individuals from various disciplines. They are:


Odalis Valdivieso (Founder and Director)
Lidija Slavkovic (Co-Founder and Assistant Director)
P. Scott Cunningham (FIU MFA in Creative Writing ’08, poet, translator, and Founder/Director of O’Miami)
Marcos Valella (FIU BFA ’03, artist)
Antonia Wright (artist)
Angela Valella (artist, educator, and curator)
Felice Grodin (FIU Adjunct Faculty of Architecture, architect, visual artist, professor, and curator)
Andrew Horton (FIU Master of Fine Arts candidate, artist, educator, and curator)
Gean Moreno (artist and writer)
Rob Goyanes (writer)

Online Contributors

Keller Easterling, Jason Dittmer, Léopold Lambert, Matteo Pasquinelli, François Roche, Nathalie Rozencwajg, Leandro Silva Medrano, and Marion von Osten

FALL SEMESTER has structured its first iteration around four basic thematic lines: The Urban Real; Architectural Weather; Plasticity of the City; and The Urban Unreal.


Guest Speakers

THU, Oct 9

Material Consequences – 4pm, Nick Gelpi

North – South Collisions – 5pm , Jean-François Lejeune

The Matter of Struggle in Urban Space – 6pm, Nick Srnicek

Soft Monumentality – 7pm, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss

Open Forum – 8pm

FRI, Oct 10

Second Landscape – 4pm, Gray Read

City Bodies: Undead or Alive? – 5pm, Jan Verwoert

The Stack We Have and The Stack To Come: Designing Sovereignty and the Geopolitics of Computation – 6pm, Benjamin Bratton

Where have all the leaders gone? – 7pm, Michael Hardt

Open Forum – 8pm


The following are abstracts for the talks that will be given by Nick Gelpi, Assistant Professor of Architecture and Gray Read, Associate Professor of Architecture.

Material Consequences, Nick Gelpi

“Cities are more than just the abstract property boundaries of land ownership; in fact taken collectively cities represent large scale concentrations of specific materials.  These materials, don’t fit neatly into the zoning maps of city ordinances, in fact the consequences of certain materials reach far beyond the property lines of site, and produce significant disruptions and interruptions at an urban scale.  Foregrounding larger scale consequences of the materials and configurations utilized in the construction of our built urban environments, this talk will highlight several large-scale and wide reaching effects that the city exerts on its surrounding environment with specific projects which highlight potentials for interacting with material consequences as new opportunities for design.”

Second Landscape, Gray Read

“In a warming world, Miami is already suffering death by pavement even before the waters engulf us.  Relentless asphalt of both roof and street feed the urban heat island of the city, turning the urban tropics into an inhospitable desert.   We ask,  what if Miami reclaimed its roofs as a second landscape and invited the rich, tropical ecosystem of South Florida to the heart of the city?  We suggest specific architectural strategies for mitigating urban heat island effect and envision the roofscape of downtown Miami as a living landscape inhabited by both people and wildlife.”

FALL SEMESTER will occur on October 9th and 10th, 2014 at 175 NE 40 Street, Miami, FL. Free and open to the public.

The header image was provided by Master of Fine Arts candidate Humberto Torres (FIU BFA ’12).


Fall Semester 5

FALL SEMESTER is sponsored by Miami Dade College Museum of Art + DesignUniversity of WynwoodMiami Design DistrictManuel Estrada DesignMaman Fine Art, and The Freehand Miami.

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Nick Gilmore, MFA Candidate, and Faculty Attend Andean Visionary Arts and Sustainability Festival in Peru

Master of Fine Arts candidate Nick Gilmore will participate in an artist’s residency in Huaraz, Peru as part of the Visionary Arts Lab of the 2014 Andean Visionary Arts and Sustainability Festival. The residency, running from October 2nd to 12th, will take place at Chavín de Huántar/Huari, a location known for its temple complex excavated within the last fifty years. Gilmore will be attending a week-long series of workshops and discussions that lead up to the public festival. During the festival, he will present his own project, the proposal for which was submitted in his application to the residency program.

afiche lab ENGLISH

Additionally, Constantino Manuel Torres, Professor Emeritus, and Donna Torres, Adjunct Faculty are invited speakers at the festival.

“Throughout the history of humankind on earth, different people in different geographies have developed practices that have not only sought to record the experiences that transcend and integrate different perspectives, but also searched for the modification of consciousness of both practitioners and their observers. Visionary art, like integral arts, often deal with these issues: the integration and transcension of consciousness of the individual and the individual with (and in) their environment.

Visionary art often carries themes of spiritual, mystical or inner awareness. In the Andes of Ancash (Peru), one of the most interesting ancient visionary art manifestations came into existence in the ceremonial centre of Chavin de Huántar more than three thousand years ago. Chavin Art is the quintessential manifestation of ancient visionary art. In times of civilizational crises, visionary arts that provide wider and more integral ways of understanding the ecosystems we inhabit are important in order to help us increase our awareness about our relationships between ourselves, other live forms and the past, present and future worlds.

For the first edition of this festival, we are gathering persons interested in visionary art and Andean cosmovisions for four days in order to exchange knowledge, share experiences, [and] reflect on visionary art and human sustainability in one of the most beautiful places of Peru: the Andes of Ancash.” (Source: Andean Visionary Arts and Sustainability Festival)

The featured images are provided courtesy of the Andean Visionary Arts and Sustainability Festival.

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CARTA, UNTITLED, and Vagabond Had Successful Launch of New Series, FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS

The FIU College of Architecture + The Arts has partnered with Helmut Schuster (owner of Gallery Schuster in Berlin, Miami, and Potsdam), Jeff Lawson of UNTITLED Art Fair, and Avra Jain, preservationist and developer of The Vagabond Hotel to provide a four-part, community-based lecture series called FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS. The first very successful talk occurred at the Vagabond Hotel on Monday, August 18th, 2014 and featured speaker Terry Riley, architect, former Director of the Miami Art Museum and Philip Johnson Chief Curator of The Museum of Modern Art. The event gathered more than 300 arts patrons at the recently renovated, prime example of Mid-Century Miami Modern architecture.

Dean Brian Schriner of The FIU College of Architecture + The Arts created the ART TALKS as part of the CARTA 2020 vision, which emphasizes the College’s creativity and innovation, as well as its connections to the local community and the  Arts Community. We welcome your attendance, as the series will continue with a talk at the Bakehouse Art Complex on October 20th and with another at C1 Bank in Wynwood on November 17th. During December’s Art Basel-Miami Beach week, the FIU UNTITLED ART TALKS will culminate in a CARTA exhibition, curated by Helmut Schuster, at UNTITLED Art fair.

Click here to view a video of the Vagabond event.


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Dean’s Distinguished Fellow: Robert Zuckerman

Dean Brian Schriner of the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts has selected Robert Zuckerman as a Dean’s Distinguished Fellow for 2014-2015.

Mr. Zuckerman is a photographer in the motion picture industry and a public speaker. He is called “Picasso” by Will Smith, “The Master” by Jerry Bruckheimer, and “the best photographer I have ever worked with” by Arnold Schwarzenegger. His images have been used for the promotional campaigns of films such as Training Day, Terminator 3, and Transformers and television series such as The Shield, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck, and American Horror Story. He has done album cover and movie poster photography for Will Smith and was invited to be the personal photographer for the family of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz. Mr. Zuckerman has also photographed campaigns for United Way and City of Hope, was a co-producer for the award-winning documentary Video From Russia: The People Speak (1984, directed by Dimitri Devyatkin), and was the director and producer of the New York City portion of the official “Hands Across America” video (1986).

Mr. Zuckerman is also known for his book Kindsight® (Kindsight Press, LLC), which is a collection of photographs and accompanying texts recording the richness of everyday experiences, showing “the extraordinary within the ordinary.” The book includes laudatory texts by, among others, Will Smith, Debra Winger, poet Michael Lally, and novelist Elaine Kagan. It is currently on the PEN American Center’s “Best Book Read This Year” list. Since the publication of Kindsight®, Mr. Zuckerman has spoken to student and youth groups across the country, teaching them how to integrate photography with writing to show the extraordinary in everyday life.  He has spoken at Authors at Google, been featured in a PBS story about him, and was a panelist at the KidsRisk Symposium at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, speaking on empowering youth through positive media modalities.

“For me, [doing] photography as much as possible has become an integration of life and craft,” said Mr. Zuckerman. “Through it, I am able to give value to people’s lives and derive value in my own life, beyond making a living.” In regards to his appointment as a Dean’s Distinguished Fellow at CARTA, he said, “One of my primary goals is to inspire and empower students, and connecting them with leaders in relevant professional fields creates bridges of possibility and accessibility.”

Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year at FIU, Robert Zuckerman will participate in a virtual exhibition, which will be an online publication of images with short essays that document his experience at CARTA. He will also host ten master classes, some of which will involve special guest lecturers.

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Dean’s Distinguished Fellow: Alastair Gordon

Dean Brian Schriner of the FIU College of Architecture + The Arts has selected Alastair Gordon as a Dean’s Distinguished Fellow for 2014-2015.

Mr. Gordon is an author, curator, critic, filmmaker, publisher, and public speaker. He is the Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Gordon de Vries Studio, Multimedia Publishing Imprint, a contributing editor for the Architecture/Design section of The Wall Street Journal Magazine, the Founder and Director of “Wall to Wall” – an interactive website and blog about the built environment – and the Presidential Counselor of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. He has also worked as a contributing editor for The New York Times, for House & Garden, and for Atelier Magazine.

Mr. Gordon has exhibited his own artwork at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, The Aidekman Arts Center at Tufts University, and the Wolfsonian-FIU, and has curated exhibitions at the SCAD Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, Princeton University, and the National AIA Museum in Washington, D.C. He is known for his highly-praised literature, such as Spaced Out: Radical Environments of the Psychedelic Sixties and Naked Airport: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Revolutionary Structure. Mr. Gordon has lectured about architecture/design and the arts at Columbia University, the AIA Convention, the Museum of Modern Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year at FIU, Alastair Gordon will host six master classes, all of which will involve special guest lecturers.

“I am thrilled to be joining the CARTA community and working with students and faculty over the coming year as a Dean’s Distinguished Fellow,” said Mr. Gordon. “The process of discovery is at the very heart of any authentic learning experience and I plan to share my own experiences and moments of discovery in a forthright and personal way . . . Miami continues to emerge as a fascinating urban laboratory/cultural melting pot, and FIU is playing a crucial role in the city’s transformation. I look forward to taking part in such an exciting experiment!”

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Robert F. Figueroa, Artist and Alumnus, Exhibits Work at BBC Photography Gallery

At the FIU Photography Gallery at the Biscayne Bay Campus, Robert F. Figueroa (BFA ’14) is showing his work in Tom, Dick and Harry: the everyman series, starting Wednesday September 17th.

To describe the theme behind this exhibition, Figueroa presents the following questions:

Can we feel we know someone based solely on their online profile photographs?
Is it possible for an inanimate toy to provoke the same feelings?
Which one would best document how you would like to represent yourself?
Which one would you start a conversation with?
With whom do you identify with? Which one would you date?

The FIU Photography Gallery – and this exhibition – is directed by Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gómez, Professors of Photography.

An Artist’s Discussion with Roberto F. Figueroa will take place on Monday, October 6th, 2014 at 5PM, at the Photography Gallery, FIU Biscayne Bay Campus: 3000 N.E. 145 Street, Academic II – Room 105, North Miami, Florida 33181.

Tom, Dick and Harry: the everyman series will run from September 17th to October 15th, 2014 at the FIU Photography Gallery. Gallery Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 11AM – 3PM; Tuesday and Thursday, 4PM – 6PM.

Figueroa is currently a freelance photographer. He has previously been the webmaster for MiamiARTzine.com and a personal assistant for writer and entertainer David Leddick. His work has been featured in Jewels (Bruno Gmunder Publications, Germany 2010) and Ocean Drive Magazine. He has participated in exhibitions at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Miami-Dade College, the House of Art, and the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York. He received his Associate in Science Degree in Photographic Technology with honors from Miami-Dade College in 2011, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with summa cum laude recognition from FIU in 2014.

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Michael Rodriguez (BFA ’89) Opens New Exhibition at 6th Street Container

The latest exhibition of College of Architecture + The Arts alumnus Michael Rodriguez (BFA ’89), Recent Work, will open on September 19th at 6th Street Container with a reception from 7PM to 10 pm.

A native of Miami, FL, Rodriguez moved to New York City after graduating from FIU, where he received an MFA from Brooklyn College and attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. He is a recipient of a Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant for painting, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for painting, and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant.

According to the Wall Street International, Rodriguez’ work “is rooted in his interest in geometric and gestural abstraction as well as process. He is engaged in the process of making the work as in ‘process based art’ as well as a ‘pictured’ process. The work is an aggregate of simple[,] almost mechanical marks and gestures[,] each meant as both signifiers for multiple modes of abstraction and the pictorial simultaneously. To think of the work is to think about process twice.” (Source: Wall Street International).

Recent Work will run from September 19th to October 12th at 6th Street Container: 1155 (rear) SW 6th Street, Miami, FL, 33130. For more information, please contact 6th Street Miami at (786) 587-5279 or 6thstreetcontainer@gmail.com.

This article was written by Ashley Garcia, Coordinator, Advancement and Alumni Relations.

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FIU Students and Alumni in New Broward County Exhibition

On Tuesday, September 23rd, the Broward County Main Library will open Dwelling Projects: To Puerto Rico and Back! This exhibition is organized by a FIU alumna and includes alumni and students from the university.

Sofia Bastidas (FIU BA ’13) founded Dwelling Projects, a traveling residency that supports the creation, presentation, and dissemination of contemporary art through its annual program. The program’s core principle is its strategic partnership with organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean that provide residents with work space, technical and logistical assistance, exhibition spaces, and access to any other particular needs required to optimize the residency experience. By creating this program, participants are able to dig into the country’s current art scene by bridging the gap between theory and practice for artists, intellectually and practically enriching the production of their work. It is a mutually beneficial learning experience. (Source: Dwelling Projects)

Dwelling Projects hosted the residency “To Puerto Rico and Back!” in June and July 2014. Through funds raised from the program’s exhibition In Bituin (CARTA News, February 2014) and partnerships with Girls’ Club Collection, s t u d i o 2 5 9, Walter Otero Contemporary Art, Espacio 20/20, and The Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico (Amigos Del Corralón), Dwelling Projects was able to provide a residency program in San Juan for artists Greisy Lora (FIU BFA ’14) and Valeria Guillen.

In Gallery Six of the Broward County Main Library, Dwelling Projects: To Puerto Rico and Back! will be a visual summary of the discovery of new art scenes in Latin American and the Caribbean by South Florida emerging artists. The exhibition is on display as part of the Main Library’s celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15th to October 15th.

Dwelling Projects: To Puerto Rico and Back! will open on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014 at 5:30PM in Gallery Six of the Broward County Main Library: 100 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. For more information, call (954) 357-7444. For more information on the Main Library’s events for National Hispanic Heritage Month, click here.

The award-winning Broward County Libraries Division, founded in 1974, is the largest library system in Florida by square footage and one of the busiest, with more than 9 million walk-in customers visiting its 39 locations annually. The library has more than 3.4 million items and 2,000 computers for public use, and offers hundreds of events and programs to meet the needs of Broward County’s diverse community. Broward County Libraries Division continues its strong emphasis on literacy, after-school programs and electronic access. In addition to its comprehensive web site, Broward.org/Library, which provides information about library activities, links to online catalogs, reference information and databases, customers can visit BCL WoW – Broward County Library Without Walls for free eBooks, music, audiobooks, apps, movies, and more. Customers may also follow Libraries on Facebook and Twitter. Libraries Division also administers the services, programs, collections and exhibits of the Broward County Historical Commission. (Source: Broward County Libraries Division)


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