Message from the Alumni Coordinator



Welcome CARTA Alumni!

We are proud to introduce you to the launch of our cutting-edge CARTA newspage!

In the past a weekly “Dean’s Newsletter” was disseminated, informing you of the latest events and activities in our College.  Now, news stories and related information will be uploaded here, in one central location.  You can continue to look forward to articles showcasing successful CARTA Alumni, invitations to the latest shows, events and concerts, and stories about the impact the College is making in the community.

I encourage you to forward information on any accolades you have received or stories you think are pertinent to the Alumni community, so that we can share them here on our newspage.

Submissions should be sent to Ashley Garcia at

Join the CARTA alumni community on Facebook by liking us at

Thank you, and have a wonderful Panther year!


Maria Claverie

Alumni Coordinator

Phone Number: 305-348-1805




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