Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Ashinoff ’07


As an avid surfer, photographer, and world-traveler, Lisa’s inspiration as an artist comes from her love of the water and architecture. Her unique style shows through her use of lighting and layers of vibrant colors. She’s been passionate about painting and drawing since she was a young girl and started drawing lessons at the age of eight.

Lisa went on to study art in college, first at Bard College in New York, and later earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at FIU in 2007 with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  She has been in business since 2008, and builds her bodies of work on two main legs, namely, water scenes and cityscapes.  Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Lisa travels frequently and and sells her work at juried art festivals along the eastern seaboard, from the Florida Keys to New England.

Her painting “Waimea Mystic” is a perfect example of her celebrated water scenes.  Inspired by a photograph Lisa took of 30 foot swells at Waimea Bay, Hawaii, “Waimea Mystic” won “Best in Show,” the top honor in her field, at the 2011 Virginia Beach Neptune Festival and the 2011 Mystic Outdoor Art Festival.

To see more of Lisa’s work, visit her website here  or check out her Facebook page here

Lisa Ashinoff









Lisa Ashinoff and“Waimea Mystic”


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