Alumni Spotlight: Martino Succetti ’02


Martino Succetti graduated from Florida International University in 2002 with a Master’s in Music. He began working as a creative assistant and office manager for the Latin Division of Desmond Child music publishing, Deston Songs. Meanwhile, he also began performing as a guitar player for successful Latin artists such Jencarlos Canela, Elvis Crespo, Willy Chirino, and Lissette. In 2005 Succetti joined Sony/Atv Music publishing as a songwriter, and his compositions have since been recorded by a variety of Latin artists. He currently works for Cuban icon Willy Chirino while continuing his own music career as a guitarist and songwriter.

Succetti joined Latin rock band FatKingBulla in 2006. FatKingBulla has released two acclaimed albums  and performs live on a regular basis across the country and in South America. The band’s signature style is fresh and innovative, rooted in Latin rock, and draws inspiration from diverse music styles like Cumbia, classic rock, punk, Peruvian bandurria, jazz, and Puerto Rican bomba. Performing predominantly in Spanish, FatKingBulla plays a few English songs as well, and also covers classic rock and reggae.

To read more about Succetti and FatKingBulla, visit the band’s website at or check out their Facebook page.

Martino Succetti

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