Three CARTA Programs Ranked by Hispanic Outlook Magazine


We are excited to announce that three FIU CARTA degree programs were ranked according to the number of Hispanics who receive degrees in The Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine’s annual publication, Top 100 Colleges and Universities for Hispanics. The following categories and departments were recognized and were published in the August 2019 issue:

Top 10 (2017 Communication and Media Studies Degrees) #1

Top 10 (2017 Architecture Degrees) #2

Top 10 (2017 Music Degrees) #7

*SOURCE: NCES/IPEDS 2017 Data Base*

The Hispanic Outlook on Education (HO) is a national monthly magazine that provides education news, innovations, networking, resources and the latest trends impacting students from kindergarten through graduate school all while maintaining a unique Hispanic perspective. Originally entitled The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, HO has provided a pipeline delivering nationwide news about multicultural accomplishments and challenges in classrooms for more than 28 years.

During the year, HO has special theme issues that place particular emphasis on specialized topics including Financing a College Education, Community Colleges, Graduate Schools, Medical Professions, Arts and Media, Law Schools, Hispanic Hiring Institutions, and the Top 100 Schools for Hispanics.

Congratulations to our exceptional faculty and staff for fostering a positive educational environment for our students to excel!

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