Honors Music Student presents at ARCH Conference


daniel yellin

On March 19th at FIU’s Graham Center, Daniel Yellin, a student of Percussion Performance and Music Technology, proudly represented both the FIU School of Music and Honors College with an insightful musical performance of his honors thesis at the ARCH Tenth Annual Conference. ARCH, also known as The Advanced Research and Creativity in Honors, is one of the largest under graduate research conferences in the country.

Daniel presented a composition piece entitled “Ame Ga Furu: Composition for Percussion, Live Electronics, and Video”.  Ame Ga Furu translates as “It Rains”. This composition for percussion, live electronics, and video combines Glitch Music with the aesthetics of Wabi Sabi, the Japanese philosophy of “beauty within perfections”. Both conventional and non-traditional instruments such as frying pans, tin cans, and wine bottles were used to expand the sonic resources of the composition. Inspired by Glitch music (style of electronic music that emerged in the mid to late 1990s), the composition used computer software to manipulate sounds in order to create novel sonic elements.

Daniel regularly performs with the FIU Symphony Orchestra, The FIU Wind Ensemble, F.L.E.A. Laptop Ensemble, and The New Music Ensemble. He has worked with renowned composers including Ney Rosauro, Paula Mattheson, Dr. Jacob Sudol, and Dr. Orlando Garcia. After obtaining his degree, he plans to seek a master degree, as well as an internship for music technology.


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