Congratulations to Our Spring 2015 Graduates!


Congratulations to our spring 2015 Graduates!

During the College of Architecture + The Arts commencement ceremony on May 3rd, 16 undergraduate students and 19 graduate students from the School of Music took to the stage to receive their diplomas! Three of these graduates – Edgar M. Abreu, Laura Martinez Leon, and Maria Hernandez-  sang the national anthem, and of course, the FIU alma mater. 

Our graduates include: Alicia Larrea, Madeline Lu, Gian Melo, Natalia Duran, Michael Alexander Sanchez, Anthony Julian Armas, Maria De Los Angeles Hernandez, Mariana Yern, Juan Arturo Alvarez, Eric Benaim, Orlando Fernandez, Jerry Jerome, Alexander Blake Coombs, Daniel Louis Crespo, Osvaldo Vargas, Emmanuel Andres Berrido, Harold, Roland, Isaac Corzo, Andres Villa, Edder Rivera, Stephanie Jaimes, Ali Vasquez, Masami Miyazaki, Gilbert Kong, Aldo Salvent Vargas, Darwin Aquino Tejeda, Harley Robertson, Edgar Abreu, Laura Martinez Leon, Julian Vick, Juan Mansilla, Jose Torre Jaquez, Johanna Wright-Vines, Glenda Sarjonse, & Lil Batista-Perez 

At the end of every year, School of Music faculty also recognize four outstanding graduates with the following awards: the Undergraduate Service Award, the Undergraduate Performance Award, the Graduate Research Award, and the Graduate Performance Award. In addition, a current student is chosen to receive a Faculty Scholarship Award to assist them during their studies. This year, the following students were recognized for their excellence:


Undergraduate Service Award: Mathew Sheary, MS, Music Education

Undergraduate Performance Award: Anthony Armas, BM, Instrumental Performance

Graduate Research Award: Aldo Salvant Vargas, MM, Jazz Performance

Graduate Performance Award: Darwin Aquino Tejeda, MM, Orchestral Conducting

Faculty Scholarship Award: Justin Swearinger, MM, Wind Conducting


We wish our graduates much success on their continued journey as excellent musicians and scholars! We are proud to call you Golden Panthers!


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