Power of Design 2014: Complaints – Charrette Exhibition Opening at Miami Beach Urban Studios, Wednesday 3/19/14


This Wednesday at 6:30 pm, Miami Beach Urban Studios is hosting the opening reception for the Charrette Exhibition of Power of Design 2014: Complaints. Organized and presented by the FIU-Wolfsonian, “Power of Design is definitely not a gripe-fest—instead, it’s a solutions think tank,” explains Wolfsonian director Cathy Leff. “The museum is a rich starting point as we look at the many positive expressions and responses to complaints embedded in our collection. This is the inaugural year of Power of Design, which will be an annual, themed event. We chose a broad theme related to our collection—complaints and how they are expressed or solved—and we are linking it to contemporary issues, ideas, and culture. We are thrilled to partner with WLRN, the Miami Herald, and London-based Intelligence Squared. We are expecting a phenomenal event.”

Over the last few months, thirty teams of FIU architecture and design students conducted a charrette to brainstorm solutions for the intersection of Lincoln Road and Washington Avenue, “one of the most disappointing public spaces at the most important intersection of Miami Beach.” All of the proposals are accompanied by 2-5 foot models of the design. Come see the winners at Miami Beach Urban Studios!

For more information on Power of Design 2014, please visit http://www.wolfsonian.org/content/power-design-2014-complaints.

For more information on Miami Beach Urban Studios, please visit mbus.fiu.edu.

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