Miami Beach Urban Studios Hosts The EXP Summit


On March 4th, 2014, FIU | College of Architecture + The Arts | Miami Beach Urban Studios hosted The EXP Summit: A 3-Book Launch Event. “EXP is an event that will simultaneously launch 3 significant contributions to contemporary architecture discourse spanning the last 3 years of experimentation in computation and material practices.” The event featured video projections, discussion, and interaction with book authors Liss C. Werner, Eric Goldemberg, Juan Azulay, and Benjamin Rice,  who were joined by guest contributors Madeline Gannon and Associate Dean of the Miami Beach Urban Studios, John Stuart.

The three books, including one by the college’s own Eric Goldemberg, are:

-(En)Coding Architecture by Liss C. Werner

Pulsation in Architecture by Eric Goldemberg

Architecture Xenoculture by Juan Azulay & Benjamin Rice

“Architecture practice and education over the last 15 years have been subject to a very fast pace process of revolutionary innovation in technology; followed by rapid fire succession of regurgitation-through-cliche, exhaustion of morphological fetish coupled with easy-listening philosophy, and production of new co-modified, mass-consumable-ready technique of the moment. These 3 books attempt at decelerating the consumption of computational imagery by introducing a critical discourse that examines and generates feedback across different avenues of production vis-a-vis situating the nuances of 3 different lenses for augmented cultural digestion; namely, code, mediated affect, and rhythm.”

The event, free and open to the public, was a great event that sparked intellectual discourse about architectural ideology.

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