Department of Architecture’s Nik Nedev Opens Exhibition at Miami Beach Urban Studios


On Friday, January 17, 2014, College of Architecture + The Arts’ Department of Architecture Instructor Nik Nedev opened his new exhibition in the Architecture Gallery at the Miami Beach Urban Studios. The show, entitled “Non-Specific Paintings,” explores how surface planes, colors, and textures work in harmony or contrast. The pieces are mainly acrylic and oil on wood, playing with shadow and tone, as well as architectural influences. Nedev’s works aim to show the confluence of architecture and art.

Nedev on the show: “The work featured is an investigation on color, surfaces, reflections and shadows. The pieces consider the viewer in motion. This is expressed through perspectival distortions and anamorphosis, which in turn are developed via digital and analog means. Furthermore, the work explores the concept that space can either be defined by enclosure (ex. Propylaea, Pantheon) or conversely by a point (ex. statue of Athena Promachos, or a Giacometti figure). If space is specific, and if paintings are inherently illusionistic, then these works aim to be neither (or both). Although the examples presented seem to be about enclosure and spatial definition, they never cease to be considered as paintings…since light “hides” in the edges.”

The show will run from January 13th to February 2nd. For more information on the show or directions on how to visit the exhibition, please visit

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