New Coral Gables Museum exhibit ‘Ludlam Trail 2020’ features FIU LAEUD Future Visions


The works of FIU LAEUD students and alumni and Associate Professor Ebru Ozer are featured in a new exhibition called Ludlam Trail 2020: From Grassroots to Treetops, which opened on Friday, October 2nd at the Coral Gables Museum.

The Ludlam Trail is a proposed 6.2-mile linear park that would transform Miami-Dade County as we know it. By occupying an abandoned section of the Florida East Coast railway, the park will contain community gardens and a trail that will provide a safe dedicated and direct route for cyclists and pedestrians to schools, parks, work and shopping. The trail will connect more than 34,000 people within a half-mile, walkable service area to five greenways, five schools, four parks, and two transit hubs. Ludlam Trail 2020: From Grassroots to Treetops features Trail history, images, and designs for future use and is curated by Tony Garcia, Friends of The Ludlam Trail. (Source)

The exhibition includes the work of FIU LAEUD students Alexandra Viala, Skyler Stanford, and Petar Stracenski and FIU LAEUD alumni Andrea Sandoval (FIU MLA ’14), Amanda Vargas-Love (MLA ’14), Dayanah Eloi (MLA ’14), Jorge Rodriguez (MLA ’14), Philip Byrnes (MLA ’14), George Monserrat (MLA ’14), Christopher Cabezas (MLA ’13), Jose Alvarez (MLA ’13) and Christine Garcia (MLA ’13). 

The students had studied the Ludlam Trail as part of their design studio classes, under the direction of Associate Professor Ebru Ozer. Their projects examined the reuse of the railway corridor as an element of green infrastructure and as a means of community connection and revitalization. 

In addition to her student’s work, Professor Ozer’s own proposal with Douglas Thompson is included in the exhibition. The proposal envisions a restored pine-rockland habitat along the trail with the inclusion of a multi-use pathway.

The exhibit involves historic artifacts, watercolor artist renderings, information on the future Ludlam Days event, among other items. During the opening day, visitors included community stakeholders, local politicians, and members of the local press. A page-long news story appeared in The Miami Herald’s October 6th issue.

Ludlam Trail 2020: From Grassroots to Treetops runs until January 31st, 2016 at the Coral Gables Museum: 285 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33134.

The featured image is provided courtesy of Coral Gables Museum.

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