Students Awarded at Florida ASLA Annual Design Awards Presentation


FIU LAEUD students Alexis Alvey and Malone Matson and alumna Andrea L. Sandoval were recognized with design awards at the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects’s (ASLA) Annual Design Awards Presentation.

Alexis Alvey won the Award of Merit for “Shade City: South Miami,” which she developed under faculty advisor and Associate Professor Ebru Ozer in the Spring 2015 Graduate Design II studio that focused on the Marshall Williamson Neighborhood in South Miami. Malone Matson won the Award of Merit for “SoMi Streetscapes: Sustainable Prototypes for a Denser, Walkable South Miami,” which was also created in Professor Ozer’s Graduate Design II studio. Lastly, Andrea L. Sandoval won the Award of Honor for “Symbiotic Adaptation,” a project developed in faculty advisor and Professor Marta Canaves’s Graduate Design 4 studio that dealt with on sea level rise.

The Florida Chapter of ASLA’s Annual Design Awards Presentation took place on Friday, July 31st in Orlando, Florida. This year, the Florida Chapter received 63 award submittals from Florida-registered Landscape Architect professionals and students for projects not only from across the state, but also from around the world. At the awards ceremony, there were 29 recipients of the 2015 Chapter Design Awards. (Source)

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