Juan Antonio Bueno, Discussant at UM Undergraduate Scholars Symposium

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The College of Architecture + The Arts’ Juan Antonio Bueno, Professor of Landscape Architecture was a discussant at the University of Miami Undergraduate Scholars Symposium on Wednesday, April 16th. Invited by Dr. Helena Soto-Gabriele, Associate Dean for Research of the UM College of Engineering, Bueno – alongside other discussants – focused on Cuban infrastructural issues.

Juan Antonio Bueno, Professor of Landscape Architecture

Bueno and the other discussants reviewed the project “Oxygen-Balance Analysis and Potential Remediation of the Upper Almendares River via Georelational Data Techniques” by the Water Boys at UM (Sergio Claure, Leonard Barrera Allen, Eric Antman, and Miguel Amezcua). This project won first place at the 2014 Cuban Infrastructure Challenge sponsored by the Association of Cuban Engineers.

The University of Miami Undergraduate Scholars Symposium on April 16th was sponsored by the University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection and the Center for Lain American Studies.

The images in this article are provided courtesy of Brittney Bomnin, University of Miami Libraries, Coral Gables, Florida.

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