FIU ASLA Chapter Participated in Annual FLASLA Conference + Expo


The Florida ASLA State Conference + Expo is an annual meeting that provides fellowship opportunities, inspirational tours, high-quality education sessions, and leading edge keynote speakers to its members – both students and industry professionals.

The FIU ASLA Chapter participates in the annual statewide conference. This year, chapter members traveled to Boca Raton, FL to the Boca Raton Resort & Club. The conference mainly focused on elements prominent to the city which included water, local environment, history of the city, art, and the community of Boca Raton.

As part of the conference an Award Ceremony was held on Friday, July 7th, for recognition of standout industry professionals and students. Several FIU ASLA Chapter members were awarded 5 of the 7 Student Awards. Gary Cassagnol, Aurora Alcaide + Andy Donohue (Award of Merit), Dominic Mack (Award of Honor), Shaylin Castillo (Award of Honor) and Alexis Alvey were all award recipients.

“This year I was very fortunate to win a design Award of Honor for a project under the wing of Professor Roberto Rovira. The base of the project is to provide an ECOLab Art Institute for artist’s to study the environment, viewers to traverse through and learn about the ecosystems and quarrying industry,” commented Dominic Mack, FIU ASLA President and master’s candidate.

Over eight volunteers from FIU ASLA assisted in event coordination during the conference. Ranging from shifts of Registration to event set-up, the chapter gave it their all to facilitate the conference’s success. Volunteering at the conference provided great networking opportunities for students to expand their communication efforts with professionals in the field. For volunteering assistance, the FL Chapter of ASLA provided FIU with 3 brand new textbooks to add to their student library.

Congratulations to FIU ASLA for their participation and awards!

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