Ebru Ozer awarded grant by National Landscape Architecture Foundation


FIU Landscape Architecture’s Assistant Professor Ebru Ozer was awarded a grant by the National Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF) for its 2014 Case Studies Investigation (CSI) program. Ozer’s proposal was one of seven competitively awarded from over twenty-seven international researchers.

With the funds provided by LAF, Ozer, now a LAF CSI Research Fellow, was able to support two FIU Landscape Architecture graduate students, Vanessa Alvarado and Gregory Gonzalez.  Three case studies will be part of LAF’s Case Studies Investigation database and will include: 1111 Lincoln Road of Raymond Jungles, Inc., Pompano Beach Streetscape and NOVA Southeastern University Oceanographic Center of EDSA, Inc.

According to the Landscape Architecture Foundation website,

CSI is a unique research collaboration that matches LAF-funded faculty and student research teams with design firms to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects as Landscape Performance Series Case Study Briefs.

Research Fellows lead the CSI collaboration, work with firms to identify performance benefits of select projects, develop evaluation methods, and oversee the case study production process. These select faculty members receive an honorarium and funding to support a student research assistant….

Founded nearly 50 years ago, LAF has been the nexus of inquiry and innovation for the landscape architecture profession. Today, the mission to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment has never been more resonant. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urban and demands on natural resources more acute, landscape architects play an essential role in solving the complex, interrelated environmental, economic, and social problems we face today.

The 2014 LAF CSI Research Fellows whose proposals were awarded are:

Chris A. Martin, PhD, Arizona State University
Michele Palmer, Cornell University
Ebru Ozer, Florida International University
Mary Pat Mattson, Illinois Institute of Technology
Brad Collett, University of Tennessee
Taner R. Ozdil, PhD, University of Texas at Arlington
James P. Richards, University of Texas at Arlington
Leena Cho, University of Virginia


Featured images provided by Ebru Ozer: LAF Research Fellow Assistant Professor Ebru Ozer and Student Research Assistants Vanessa Alvarado and Gregory Gonzalez are participating in LAF’s 2014 Case Study Investigation (CSI) program and working to document the performance of three exemplary landscape projects in South Florida.

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