La Spezia Workshop



Just a few weeks ago, as part of a cultural exchange, students from Italy came to Miami to work with FIU students in a cruise ship workshop. As part of the Cruise Ship and Super Yacht certification program, students from FIU and the University of Genoa collaborated with one another in two different workshops.

Just recently, the students from FIU traveled to Europe to work on the last part of the certification, the super yacht component in La Spezia. The overall goal for this demonstration was to understand the differences of teaching and brainstorming from two very different cultures. Students from both universities were given the opportunity to understand how to work in groups in the real-world professional practice.

Student teams comprised two Americans, five Italians and one Frenchman. There was a total of five teams. Each team was given the same time frame to complete a project for client Perini Navi. To check out the teams projects, click on our Facebook page!



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