Faculty/Alumnus Kemo Duddle Expands FIU Interior Architecture’s Reach


Kemo Duddle received a Master of Interior Architecture in 2014 from Florida International University, graduating magna cum laude. Duddle is an Adjunct Faculty member at the FIU Department of Interior Architecture and has taught classes such as Art in Public Interiors, which focuses on how students can integrate artwork and collections of art into their interior architecture designs.

In addition to his life as a former student, current professor and owner of KEMO DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, Duddle has been instrumental in connecting FIU Interior Architecture to the external art and design world. He noticed how few individuals in this sphere knew about FIU and its achievements, particularly those of The College of Architecture + The Arts (CARTA). He took it upon himself to introduce his colleagues and friends to FIU and to the feats of the university and CARTA.

Duddle’s first introduction was to invite his friend Bill Miller – known as “Mr. Ocean Liner” and author of over 100 books on ships’ interiors – to give a lecture to the students of Interior Architecture who study cruise ships and mega yachts.

“I still believe the University needs to stand tall, make the noise, and take the acknowledgements and bows,” said Duddle. “They are well deserved.” He is passionate about getting financial aid to those kids in need. “It’s the key to the country’s future,” he said. “It is inexcusable to waste a deserving kid the education due to lack of funds.”

An example of Duddle’s effective support for FIU is FIU CARTA’s relationship with Dr. Constance Silver. Dr. Silver is a long-time, very special friend of Kemo’s.  “Constance and her husband Marty are my family,” said Duddle.

Dr. Constance Silver has an unusual and exceptional background – a Ph.D, psychoanalyst, acclaimed social worker, and gifted artist. Her experiences as a renowned psychoanalyst with all the human challenges motivates her work as an artist. It results in exploring the intricacies of the psyche through a unique and often humorous perspective. Her personal experiences result in vivid and vibrant imagery, the struggles and triumphs that we face as human beings. (For more information about the artist and her art visit: www.cmcsilverart.com or http://www.markowiczfineart.com/Connie-McSilver.cfm.)

Dr. Silver is a Vice Chairman of the Board of New York University with her husband, Martin, founder of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at NYU. Dr. Constance Silver is also known for sharing her passion by giving back to the community.  She donates proceeds from her sales to a FIU scholarship fund.

After being introduced to FIU by Kemo, Dr. Silver quickly shared Kemo’s enthusiasm and, in January 2015, she unveiled a 10-feet-tall sculpture called “Whoopee” outside the Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture building. This unveiling celebrated the launching of a new scholarship fund that awards those FIU Interior Architecture students who best integrate artwork and collections of art into their designs. The Martin and Constance Silver Award Scholarship and The Martin and Constance Silver Award Travel Scholarship were created and funded to promote the learning of why and how to form a strong and creative relationship between art pieces and the environment that houses them.

In December during Art Basel, a showing of Dr. Constance Silver’s art was held. It was a success, and all proceeds went towards the FIU scholarship fund that was created for students. Martin and Dr. Constance Silver funded the five day event.

“CARTA can be so proud of the kind of advanced education they provide,” said Dr. Silver. “Kemo Duddle is only one shining example of the excellence of their product. The [College], under the apt hands of Dean Brain Shriner, is flying supersonic style. I am so gratified to be on board.”

The featured header image is of (left to right) Dr. Constance Silver, FIU College of Architecture + The Arts Dean Brian Schriner, and Adjunct Faculty member Kemo Duddle, next to”Whoopee.”

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