The 4B’s: 4 BOLD Members Selected as MAIP Semi-Finalists


The results are in: 4 BOLD members have been selected as Semi-Finalists for MAIP’s 2019 Fellowship Program!

The 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) offers an intensive application process to select students of a multiracial and/or multiethnic background for an annual 22-week program. The program consists of both online training and hands-on agency internship experience. Applicants must at least have Junior-standing at an accredited university while holding a minimum GPA of 3.00.

After submitting their MAIP Fellowship applications, BOLD members Jeannie Hurtado, Enrique Rosell, Ana Silva, and Paola Venturini were selected as Semi-Finalists for MAIP.

Below is a breakdown spotlighting each MAIP Semi-Finalist from BOLD:

First, there is junior Jeannie Hurtado. Majoring in Communication Arts with a focus in Advertising, Hurtado recently joined BOLD in the Fall 2018 semester. She worked as a social media strategist for BOLD’s El Gustoso Hot Sauce account. After a successful term, Hurtado was selected to serve as an Account Executive for BOLD’s upcoming 2019 Spring semester. Through MAIP, she hopes to achieve knowledge through an agency setting, peer communication, and expert advice.

BOLD’s second MAIP Semi-Finalist is former BOLD member Enrique Rosell, who recently graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and a minor in Social Media Marketing and E-Marketing Analytics. During his time with BOLD, Rosell was an active member – working on both the Adrienne Arsht Center and King’s Dining & Entertainment accounts. If selected to MAIP, he hopes to learn more about agency life, hone his abilities as a creator, and offer a new, diverse perspective at the agency where he is placed.

BOLD’s third MAIP Semi-Finalist is senior Ana Silva, an active BOLD member majoring in Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications (PRAAC), as well as minoring in Social Media Marketing and E-Marketing Analytics. Silva’s highlights from BOLD include her participation in the Clutch Burger and MS Journalism Major in Spanish accounts. Recently, she was appointed to an Account Executive for BOLD’s upcoming 2019 Spring semester. Through MAIP, Silva hopes to continue growing as a professional in the industry, as well as to keep learning from creatives, strategists and fellow MAIP participants. She also hopes to network with different people and make lasting, impactful relationships and memories from MAIP.

Last, but not least, is BOLD’s fourth Semi-Finalist: current BOLD member and senior Paola Venturini. Majoring in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design, Venturini has been an essential part of BOLD’s creative team. Through MAIP, she is excited to get a taste of agency life. Venturini looks forward to learning from industry professionals and meeting inspiring people. Overall, she hopes to immerse herself in the world of art direction and design.

Finalists for the 2019 MAIP Fellowship Program will be announced in January, with Finalists being selected on February 06, 2019 at 1pm (ET). To keep track of these Semi-Finalists, follow BOLD on Instagram at @boldfiu.

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Written by: Dillon DiBartolomeo

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