Student Spotlight: Correll Stanley at Ameleo Miami


Communications Arts Senior Correll Stanley had been searching for an internship that would allow him to develop his skills in strategic planning and social media. After taking Organization Communication with Professor Perez, he was eager to transfer his classroom knowledge into real world experiences. For one of the assignments in the class, he worked with a group on an Organization Evaluation Project that impress Ameleo Miami, a business consulting agency located in Brickell, and was offered his dream internship in their Global Communications department.

Stanley explained, “it was my desire to take on a position that would pose as both a challenge and allow me to implement skills I have acquired such as interpersonal communication, problem-solving, and strategic planning skills. The organizational track for Communication Arts allows me to successfully integrate into any organization with ease and confidence within my abilities.” At Ameleo Miami, the Global Communications Team works to help companies that may suffer from missed market expectations, reduced operating profit, and internal operational deficiencies. From press releases to posting news updates on the company website as well as creating interview preparing materials, Stanley has been able able to gain the hands-on experience of interviewing clients, the ability to analyze issues, and the organizational knowledge he was looking for in a communication internship. Many of the necessary skills needed to succeed at Ameleo required knowledge Stanley had already learned through his Communication Arts classes, making him confident in his ability to perform.

Stanley credits two particular Communication Arts classes, Organization Communication and Effective Leadership, as key courses that played a major role in his success at his internship. Organization Communication helped him learn and implement communication strategies and successfully work together in a group. Effective Leadership taught him imperative team building and communication skills in which he uses each day to complete projects in his department. He will continue to work with Ameleo Miami through August.

After graduation in Spring 2016, Stanley hopes to continue to work in consulting and global communications.


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