Launch of Inspicio | A New Arts Publication Platform


The College of Architecture + the Arts (CARTA) at Florida International University is pleased to announce the launch of the Inspicio website ( as the first phase of a new arts publication platform focused on the Miami area. Subsequent phases will include an e-magazine for tablets and smartphones (August) and a printed magazine.

 Inspicio, pronounced “een-spee-cho,” is a Latin word meaning “inspect, examine, review.” Inspicio will provide insight into all arts disciplines, working with a blend of seasoned professional writers, FIU faculty, and students. In addition, Inspicio features video conversations with prominent people in the arts who have the Miami area in their blood.

For the launch of the Inspicio website, we have included video conversations with art collector Dennis Scholl; architect, former MOMA curator, and former PAMM director Terrence Riley; author and New Yorker writer Alec Wilkinson; art collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros; jazz legend Gary Burton; Vizcaya Museum & Gardens director Joel Hoffman; and curator/critic Claire Breukel. Over the next few months we will introduce video conversations with jazz vocalist Nicole Henry; film director Alan Metter; band leader Tony Succar; art fair entrepreneur Jeff Lawson; artist Xavier Cortada; music historian Stewart Carter; curator Margi Reeve, and many more of the dynamic creative people who live in, or travel to, South Florida.

In addition, Inspicio promises to deliver in-depth, thoughtful articles by veteran authors and journalists like Alastair Gordon, James Gilbert, and Alec Wilkinson. FIU students will crisscross the South Florida cultural landscape reviewing a cornucopia of artistic offerings in all disciplines.

“Visitors to Inspicio from the FIU, South Florida, and global communities will experience the vibrant diversity and rich world-class creativity of Miami,” said CARTA Dean Brian Schriner.

Inspicio supports CARTA’s mission by providing a platform and process for FIU students to critically examine and comment upon the art communities and activities of South Florida, and have the opportunity to publish their work alongside professional writers who are regularly published in the world’s best publications like The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. In addition, Inspicio aspires to be a sophisticated enabler of the arts that becomes a “must-see” resource for a global audience interested in the Miami art scene.

In the 1980s, Raymond Elman, Inspicio’s Founding Managing Editor, co-founded two art magazines. When Miami Beach became Elman’s year-round home in December, 2012, he started thinking about developing an in-depth arts publication platform to engage in a serious dialogue with Miami’s art communities and tell the world about the dynamic Miami art scene. In February 2014, poet Richard Blanco introduced Elman to FIU, where he met Dean Schriner, who whole-heartedly embraced the general concept of an arts publication platform, which was already articulated in CARTA 20/20, a statement of CARTA’s mission, values, goals and strategies through the year 2020.

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