Lisa Fernández Miller: A Creative Multi-Award-Winning Latina


A creative Latina is entering the advertising workforce with top awards and a great desire to succeed, watch out! In spring 2023, Lisa Fernández graduated with a Master of Science in Mass Communication from Florida International University, and a Portfolio with Diploma from world-renowned Miami Ad School. While being a student she won four important industry awards (2 Clios, 1 Muse, and 1 Titan) for her creative work. 

Lisa left her hometown in Mexico and moved to Miami in 2021 to pursue her dream of being a copywriter. She previously worked at Alquimia, an advertising agency in Guadalajara that gave her the first opportunity as a copywriter, working with big brands such as Tajin, Aperol Spritz, Skyy Vodka, and Riviera Nayarit. With the last account, she created the concept for the “Disconnect to reconnect” campaign that won an Effie Award that year. 

While attending both schools, she worked as an intern for Republica Havas agency, and later for A + E Networks Latin America. As a student, Lisa took advantage of every opportunity, attending portfolio reviews and networking events to wider her networking and gain must-need skills for advertising. According to Lisa, “intensity is sometimes associated with something negative, but this is the same thing that makes you fight to achieve your goals. Let’s change the word intense for passion and always seek to do everything with it.” 

Shortly after graduation, Lisa got an offer to work as a Junior Copywriter at Deutsch LA, an agency finalist in Ad Week magazine’s ranking of the best companies in the United States 2023. 

What would you say is the key to being creative? 

“I have always said to keep your inner child alive and let it never die. Allow everything to surprise you; be curious, wonder why, question everything, want to know more, and not be left with doubts. Also, empathy is vital; putting yourself in the other person’s shoes will make it easier for you to create ideas that fulfill people’s needs and generate that desire we love so much in advertising.” 

What is your creative process like? 

“I have a whiteboard that I usually use when I am conceptualizing, and that helps me place ideas. First, I always do in-depth research on the brand and the target to find an insight to give life to ideas. Then, I like to write keywords that relate to the brand so I can use them for inspiration. It also works for me to look for ideas on social networks or Pinterest. In the end, after several failed ideas, there are always at least three that can work.” 

You can see Lisa’s portfolio at or contact her on LinkedIn at 

Clio Gold 
Project: “Lifepods” 
Copywriter: Lisa Fernandez 
Art director: Poornima Verma 

Clio Silver 
Project: “Spread the wings” 
Copywriter: Lisa Fernandez 
Art directors: Reyna Penhos & Andrea Molano 

Muse Silver 
Project: “Safe Vibes” 
Copywriter: Lisa Fernandez 
Art director: Reyna Penhos 

Titan Gold 
Project: “Safe Vibes” 
Copywriter: Lisa Fernandez 
Art director: Reyna Penhos

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