GSC Creative Track students won merit at The One Club Awards Miami


Micaela Cedillo, Alina Stopello and Mariel Hernandez ussually go to creative events hosted by The One Club for Creativity Miami Chapter for networking and inspiration. The stakes were always high; speakers always have such a great work. As students, they looked forward to one day create something relevant and worth presenting like this. This year, they were confident that Sounds of Pleasure, an integrated campaign conceived in Federico Giraldo’s class at Miami Ad School, has the potential to win at The One Club Awards Miami. Sounds of Pleasure had a simple brief: create a product for a minority. They asked themselves: How can deaf individuals experience the sound of love? This question, born out of curiosity and fueled by their motto “crazy ideas set us apart and define our uniqueness,” became a sex toy for the hard of hearing.

Sounds of Pleasure enhances intimacy and communication in the bedroom, allowing individuals to create custom vibration patterns using a smartphone app. It enables you to convey desires, emotions, and instructions through personalized vibrations while fostering a deeper, more fulfilling connection in the most intimate moments.

Winning Merit in the Student Integrated Campaign Category validates their hard work and dedication to the industry. This award marks the first of many. Dupla Mariel and Alina have worked diligently this semester to create remarkable campaigns for Young Ones, D&AD, and Clio because awards recognize excellence and increase visibility. Winning awards helps land a dream job. Mariel got the itch and is now ready for more awards. Her tip for fellow ad students? Seek out the art director/copywriter with whom you share a strong connection and encourage you to dream bigger. When you take an idea and help each other build something strong, and have fun in the process, then you can say you found your partner. And the work will be great.

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