Student and alumni in ‘Untitled (Exhibition), 2014’ at Young At Art Museum


A College of Architecture + The Arts student and alumni are featured in Untitled (Exhibition), 2014, a new show at Young At Art Museum in Davie, FL. The exhibition is curated by Jacqueline Falcone, Director of the Jacqueline Falcone Bed & Breakfast and artist Misael Soto.

Soto provides a description of the new Young At Art Museum exhibition on his website:

Whimsically and at times rather critically reflecting upon itself and the idea of the white-walled museum exhibition, Untitled (Exhibition), 2014 is an exhibition organized in constant dialogue with itself; including everyone involved from the institution to the artists and its curators. Included artists were chosen because of their mutual interests in ephemerality, intervention, subversiveness, and site-specificity.

Works are displayed in non-traditional ways. One of the curators is in an artist’s video while the other pressed his face into the clay work of another. The museum director has the task of touching up the walls in the gallery, appropriate staff members are to rotate out paintings and drawings, and all museum staff is to push and pull a trick moveable wall when patrons are inside the gallery; all of this during open hours.

The seemingly ever-changing exhibition is the result of a domino-effect of interventions and subversions initiated by the curators which were then reacted upon by the artists and the museum’s staff. Under the guise of a traditional exhibition and using many familiar tropes, this process, which ends when the exhibition closes, has resulted more so in a collaborative installation than a traditional exhibition. (Source:

Untitled (Exhibition), 2014 features the following artists.

Richard Vergez
Sophie Thun
Magnus Sigurdarson
Tom Scicluna
Kenton Parker
Hugo Montoya
Catalina Jaramillo (BFA ’05)
Andrew Horton (MFA candidate)
Patricia Margarita Hernandez
Alan Gutierrez
Romulo Del Castillo
Bhakti Baxter
Jenna Balfe

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