Ivan Santiago exhibits at FIU Photography Gallery until November 24th


Master of Fine Arts candidate Ivan Santiago is exhibiting Twentyfour/seven at The Photography Gallery at FIU until November 24th.

Santiago provided the following statement about Twentyfour/seven:

Twentyfour/seven is an ongoing project which takes place around outdoor areas within my community. In an effort to understand architectural aesthetics and the way urban sprawl has diminished the native landscape, I explore structures that operate and coexist with our insatiable appetite to control and stay connected at all hours of the day throughout the week. This series questions the architectural and aesthetic choices inherent in man’s pursuit to control his surroundings. The series searches for examples where, in this domination of control and connectivity, we unintentionally create disorder. Through photography and its ability to draw out a scene, I search for samples of real estate’s inherent flaw to intervene in the natural environment. Walls are drilled into and botched by clusters of satellite dishes. Buildings are wrapped over by rubber tents and transform the area into odd and eccentric displays of authority. Looking from the “outside-in,” these images start to deal with the juxtaposed arrangements of the confined.

Santiago was born in Miami, Florida. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography and is currently working on his Masters of Fine Arts in Photography and Time-Based Media from Florida International University. He has been included in shows at the Dina Mitrani Gallery, Dimensions Variable, The 6th Street Container, The Martin Z. Margulies Collection, The Art & Culture Center of Hollywood, The Box, and Objex Art Space, among others. Primarily focusing on austere landscapes, his interests include homes, storefronts, urban disposal, warehouse façades, and termite tarp-wrapped buildings. His process includes mostly shooting with analog medium-format film equipment.

Twentyfour/sevcen will run until Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 at The Photography Gallery at Florida International University: 3000 NE 145th Street, Academic II – Room 105, North Miami, FL 33181. The gallery is open from Monday to Thursday from 11AM-4PM.

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