Neil Ramsay Lectures at MBUS, in preparation for new Visual Arts Marketing course


In Spring 2016, FIU Art + Art History will offer a new course called ART 5853: Visual Arts Marketing, an online graduate level course for both degree and non-degree seeking students to be taught by business consultant and artist’s advocate Neil Ramsay. Ramsay spoke about the content of Visual Arts Marketing on October 23rd, 2015 at The College of Architecture + The Arts | Miami Beach Urban Studios.

ART 5853: Visual Arts Marketing will take the student through a process of developing their “message” as an artist. Centered on communicating ideas, one of the assignments is for the student to create a social media presence in relation to his/her studio practice.

The hashtag “#ART5853FIU” will be a teaching tool; students will use it to track their social media presence throughout the semester. With every future class offering, new students will be able to use the same hashtag and contribute to its use. The hashtag will eventually serve as an archive of past class examples and continue to evolve as part of the course. The date of the talk, October 23, was the first day the hashtag’s use started.

“This is a response to artists wanting to practice professionally,” said Ramsay, “an opportunity to prepare for what is arguably an interdisciplinary endeavor for post-graduate success. Visual Arts Marketing will incorporate technology and marketing methods to engage as broad an audience as possible, while respecting the artist’s way.”


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