FIU Architecture Students and Faculty Visit Savannah, Georgia

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Students and faculty members from FIU’s Department of Architecture traveled to the historic district of Savannah, Georgia during the weekend of January 25th to the 27th. This annual academic field trip is offered to students enrolled in Graduate Design 6 and Formative studio as an extracurricular opportunity to study and examine course related typologies.

The city of Savannah, Georgia is designated as a National Historic Landmark due to its rich historical background and pre-dominance of 18th and 19th century architectural styles, making it a key destination for graduate architecture students.

This year, a total of 115 graduate students and 9 faculty members participated in the 7th annual academic field trip. The students were able to walk and study the streets with their sketchbooks in hand. Topics of urbanism and typologies were covered via assignments and lectures by faculty members. The students also participated in tours examining city’s urban design and distinctive grid plan system.

Department Chair and Associate Professor Jason Chandler led the group of students throughout the city with support from Professor Henry Rueda, Professor Camilo Rosales, Professor Cynthia Ottchen, Professor Arnaldo Sanchez, Professor Abraham Aluicio, Professor Marcelo Ertortequy, Professor Juan Alayo and Professor Juan Contin.

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