Woodbury Lecture Series: Rovira Presents



Several innovative architects and designers were invited to attend and contribute to the Woodbury School of Architecture’s 2013 spring lecture series. Presenters aimed to inform students of their current research and architectural projects. Among the speakers was co-founder and Principal of the Los Angeles-based Griffin Enright Architects, Margaret Griffin, and renowned architect and Principal of RADD, James Ramsey, creator of low line project. Our very own Chair of the Landscape Architecture Department, Roberto Rovira, gave the opening lecture for the month of April titled, “Mapping Landscape Mapping Times.”


“Participating in the Woodbury lecture series was a fantastic opportunity to share some of the work that I have been engaged in for the last few years. It was especially rewarding to be invited by the architecture department, as it allowed for a meaningful discussion about interdisciplinary practice and projects that combine a variety of design approaches that are not only limited to landscape ,” commented Rovira.


The lecture series concluded with the exhibition, “Very Large Organizations” (VLOs), by architect Jordan Geiger which “introduces design research on the architecture and human computer interactions of VLOs.”

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