Oculus Rift At Miami Beach Urban Studios


On April 8th, Nelson Milian came by the Miami Beach Urban Studios to show off the environments he is creating, through virtual reality program Oculus Rift, to the graduate students who study out here on the beach. Working out of the The LAB Miami, Milian creates virtual experiences within built and not built environments through 3D modeling that reflects the space he is capturing. Specifically, he focuses on building these environments for real estate practical usage. These creations are the examples of virtual sales centers for the real estate world, whereas an investor in Abu Dhabi can visit a local sales agency to virtually visit a prospective real estate investment. Additionally he gives speeches and seminars on the technical side of constructing these virtual environments.

During his visit, he allowed students to ‘plug in’ to Oculus Rift to tour the entire interior space of a house, experience a thrilling roller coaster ride, and get lost in the outer reaches of space. With a video game controller, the participants could walk around the house, look at the sky, sides, and edges of the roller coaster ride, and surf virtually along the rings of Saturn. Oculus Rift is such an immersive experience that several students felt slight nausea after the roller coaster ride, as they hadn’t fully prepared for that bottom-dropping-out feeling you get when riding a coaster!

With new advances in the technology that Oculus Rift employs advancing all the time, Nelson talked with the students about how the applications are endless and could include yoga classes that offer full sensory experiences, truly accurate property tours from across the world, and model building for architecture and design students that allow the viewer to fully realize the particulars of a project.

Pictures are below — we even got John Stuart, Director of Miami Beach Urban Studios, to join in!

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