MBUS: Discussion on healthcare models, design and innovation


The Miami chapter of Health 2.0 hosted guest speaker Thompson Aderkinkomi at the Miami Beach Urban Studios on Wednesday, October 23 for a discussion about healthcare economic models, design, and innovative patient care delivery systems.

A native of Nigeria and noted innovator, Thompson Aderkinkomi has degrees in business and economics from the University of Minnesota.  He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Health Insurance Exchange and is the co-founder of RetraceHealth, a new local venture in the development of delivering healthcare with national and global implications that grew out of ideas he developed as he ran a hair salon in Wisconsin.

The event included CARTA faculty and students, along with doctors and other healthcare professionals for an evening of discussion and networking.  The lecture was hosted by MBUS and by David C. McDonald, co-founder of project LIFT, an independent laboratory for innovation in the healthcare space.

John Stuart, Associate Dean and Executive Director of MBUS introduced students to the assembled guests and discussed with members of the public the impact of the arts on healthcare.  He finds this to be a small glimpse into the future of MBUS. “This our first attempts to offer MBUS as an incubator for innovators across disciplines during my tenure as director and points the way for MBUS becoming a solution center in the arts and design for the community.”

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