“Havana and Its Landscapes” Opens at Miami Beach Urban Studios


On Friday, February 14th at 6:30 pm, Miami Beach Urban Studios hosted the opening reception of Havana and Its Landscapes, an exhibition of photography by Professor Juan Antonio Bueno.

Professor Bueno teaches in the Landscape Architecture department at the College of Architecture + The Arts, and his research focuses on South Florida landscapes, the Spanish patio and cloister, and the natural and cultural landscapes of Havana, including research, planning, and design projects for the urban region.

Havana and Its Landscapes presents a selection of documentary photographs that illustrate the iconic beauty of certain natural, rural and urban landscapes of Havana. The show includes photos of architectural details in buildings and plazas, as well as views of sugarcane fields, beachside sand dunes, and shots of the vistas around Cuba.

Attended by a mix of CARTA students, faculty and staff, as well as members of the Miami Beach community, the opening afforded the opportunity for Professor Bueno to describe the focus and intention behind the exhibition and each individual photo. He discussed the natural light and shadow that appeared in both the photos of nature and in those of architecture found in Havana. He also talked about how the architecture in Cuba has evolved, such as how the cloisters and plazas in Havana serve as general meeting places so that people can meet or conduct business in the shade of the architecture.

The exhibition will run through March 2nd. For any additional information or to find directions on how to visit Miami Beach Urban Studios, please visit mbus.fiu.edu.

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