CARTA Achieves Over 50% Ignite Participation


During the yearly Ignite kickoff event held Tuesday, February 14th, the College of Communication, Architecture + The Arts was recognized for their faculty & staff achieving over 50% participation in the 2015-16 Ignite Annual Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign for FIU. Our goal for this year is to reach 100% participation!

The Ignite Campaign is an opportunity for FIU faculty and staff to unite towards a common goal. Donations can be made to FIU funds for the programs and scholarships of their choice. Ignite participation rate is also an opportunity for faculty & staff to show alumni, corporations, and others their commitment to FIU.

Gifts can be designated to any college, school or program, and can be conveniently divided over time through payroll deduction.

Currently CARTA has multiple giving opportunities. For more information visit

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