Theatre Department Students and Faculty Receive Accolades at KCACTF 2015


A hearty “welcome back” to all our Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) participants! A full and enervating experience was enjoyed by everyone involved. The thirty-five member group representing FIU’s College of Architecture + The Arts and the Department of Theatre came away with significant awards and commendations.

KCACTF is a nationwide organization designed to foster and honor college and university theatre of the finest quality. Region 4 covers the Southeastern United States and the annual regional festival features competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and other educational opportunities. This year’s 47th KCACTF Region 4, was hosted by Darton State College and Albany State University in Albany Georgia from February 3-7, 2015.

The Department of Theatre wishes to congratulate the talented students who were recognized for their contributions to the festival.

Samantha Llanes (BFA Scenic Design) – Honorable Mention, National Scenic Design
Mario Alonso (BFA Lighting Design) – Honorable Mention, National Sound Design
Lisset Riera (BA) – 2nd Place Regional, David Weiss/SETC Crafts & Technology
Johanna Gonzalez (BFA Costume Design) – 1st Place Regional, Crafts & technology
Luisa Rodriguez (BA) – Stage Manager, top eight Fellowship finalists/2nd round
Liana Sierra (BA) – Stage Manager, SDC Fellowship
Allyn Moriyon (BFA Performance) & David Neale (BFA Performance) – Finalists, Irene Ryan Performance
Juan Alfonso (BA) – Performance, 10 Minute Plays

The following students are to be commended for their hard work, dedication, and commitment to the festival.


Gonzalo Garcia-Castro (BFA Performance)
Zack Myers (BFA Performance)
Amanda Iglesias (BA)
Chachi Colon (BFA Performance)
Krystal Aleman (BFA Performance)
Chantal Denoun (BA)
Danielle Rollins (BFA Performance)
Shelley Miller (BFA Performance)
Pia Vicioso-Vila (BA)
Sofia Sassone (BFA Performance)
Steven Lopez (BFA Scenic Design)
Jordan Vera (BFA Lighting Design)
Rommel Arellan-Marinas (BA)
Paul Steinsland (BA)
Danny Leonard (BFA Performance)
Erik Rodriguez (BFA Performance)
Lena Rodriguez (BFA Costume Design)
Ashley Joseph (BA)
Ainex Carmona (BFA Scenic Design)

We are extremely proud of our faculty members for the accolades they received.

Marina Pareja, Excellence in Costume Design, “An Ideal Husband”
Michael Yawney, Meritorious Excellence in Directing, “Juanita’s Statue”
Phillip M. Church, Meritorious Excellence In Directing, “An Ideal Husband”

Additionally, congratulations to Theatre Department faculty members Rebecca Covey, Marina Pareja, Jesse Dreikosen, and Tony Galaska for four truly insightful and memorable festival workshops, which left in the minds of many participants an indelible example of what FIU Theatre has to offer.

Our acknowledgement must go out to those individuals whose professional acumen and leadership skills helped make the festival succeed, namely, Jesse Dreikosen, KCACTF Chair, Design, Technology & management, Region 4 (soon to be national Vice Chair of DTM!), and Tony Galaska, KCACTF Head of Stage Management, the Design and Stage Management competitions ran flawlessly. Under the stewardship of Chris Goslin, KCACTF Technical Liaison, eight fully staged productions in Albany’s Performing Arts Center KCACTF gave audiences consistently seamless and trouble-free presentations. Thanks are also due to Marina Pareja and Wayne Robinson for their support of costume and performance students. Having five representative FIU faculty members in this prestigious festival offered the institution untold kudos within the world of college theatre training. We appreciate your contribution, not only during the festival but for all of the preplanning and labor that was required months in advance.

Now, we begin looking ahead to KCACTF 2016!

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