SLEEPING BEAUTY Design Presentation 10/8/13


Director Margaret M. Ledford (top R), Scenic Designer Dung Truong (bottom R), with Costume Designer Marina Pareja at work (top Center), Lighting Designer Tony Galaska (bottom Center), and Sound Designer Paul Steinsland (bottom L). From the SLEEPING BEAUTY Design Presentation in the WPAC Black Box.

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FIU Theatre presents: SLEEPING BEAUTY by Rufus Norris, directed by Guest Artist in Residence Margaret M. Ledford.

Take  off to the land of the imagination – to a forest, a palace and a castle, populated by a prince and a princess (of course), woodland creatures, ogres who love to eat people, and a very grumpy fairy named Goody, who passes stinky gas every time she does magic.  This Sleeping Beauty is obviously not your typical Disney fairy tale (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Instead, this irreverent rendition focuses on Goody, the fairy who, in a fit of pique, places the curse on Beauty that causes her to prick her finger and fall into a magic sleep. This version of the tale includes what happens after the famous fairytale ending line “and they lived happily ever after”, and it’s not what you would expect.  Even with its darker side, this is one the whole family will enjoy, and right on time for the beginning of the holiday season.
WPAC Mainstage.

Photo credits: K. Anderson

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