Six Characters in Search of an Author


Welcome back and Happy New Year to all FIU faculty, staff, and students, both new and returning. The Department of Theatre is looking forward to a year filled with fun events and thought-provoking productions.

Rehearsals are currently in full swing for the first production of the spring 2015 semester, Six Characters in Search of an Author, adapted by Steve Moulds from the play by Luigi Pirandello. Six Characters in Search of an Author is the story of six characters coming to life, in search of an author to complete their unfinished story. The play opens on Friday, January 23 and runs until Sunday, February 1, 2015.

Six Characters in Search of an Author is the play that brought Pirandello world-wide fame. The original version of the play was appropriate for the place and time in which it was written and the ideas he was trying to explore. Steve Moulds’ adaption is an apt way of approaching the original play. Audiences can expect to walk away thinking about, discussing, and questioning what is real. This play raises many introspective questions, such as: What is acting? What is fate? How are stories told? Do fictional characters exist in the mind of the actor or the audience? Audiences are definitely in for an intriguing night, complete with all the twists and turns a good psychological drama can offer.

According to the director, Wayne E. Robinson Jr., “this play is to be considered ‘an inside scoop event’, with the audience being part of the reality of the story. It is a very unique production, with many surprises and, of course, the magic of the theatre will bring everything together.”

Six Characters in Search of an Author incorporates two acting styles, improvisation and scripted acting, which means that the actors have to constantly be in the moment and listen carefully in order to avoid missing cues.

Actress Shelly Miller is looking forward to opening night with a mixture of nervousness and excitement, “we are all having a blast with this play. Because we get to do a certain amount of improv acting, no two rehearsals are ever the same, which always makes for a fun time. I hope that everyone will have a good time and go along it.”

We look forward to seeing you on opening night!

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