FIU Theatre Students Keeping busy with Micro Theater’s First English Season


3 4 1 52This summer FIU Theatre’s alumni and students have been keeping themselves very busy by participating in Micro Theater Miami’s first English Season.  When you see seven shipping containers, adorned with graffiti, you have arrived at Micro Theater, just outside Centro Cultural Español, on Biscayne Blvd.  Each container is considered a theatre space which seats about 15 people.  It is an intimate setting which attracts a young, artistic type crowd.  Until now, performances were mainly in Spanish.
The lineup of English shows include Frank Quintana’s Oh, Shoot featuring the Department’s own senior Nelly Torres (BA in progress) as Peggy and Rafael Martinez (Class of ’14) as her boyfriend, George.  Nelly, who has been doing some networking recently, had the fortuitous opportunity to meet Frank Quintana and was later asked to read for the show.  She is thoroughly enjoying her experience with this project, “The shows are great and it is wonderful working with so many people from FIU.  I encourage everyone to come out and see the performances; they are short, inexpensive and really showcase the talent of our students.”  Alumnus Jair Bula (Class of ’13), was unable to participate in the show, but recommended Rafael Martinez whom he worked with before and considers a talented, responsible actor.
Voyeurs and Women by Fernando Bellver, directed by recent graduate Amanda Ortega, who is also playing the part of Joy, is another performance with appearances from our talented students.  After learning about the first English season at Micro Theater, Amanda expressed her interest in directing one of the shows and was given the chance to direct and perform.  “Working with my classmates is fun and interesting.  The stand-ins, Juanita Castro (Class of ’14) and Juanita Olivo (BA in progress), are also from FIU and I am lucky to be working with these talented ladies.  It has been very challenging learning how to work in such a confined space.  The stage is 4ft x 4ft, so we each have 2ft of moving space and have had to learn how to use our spaces creatively and effectively”.  Jannelys Santos (Class of ’14) got involved in this project through Amanda, and is playing the part of Cristina, a foul-mouthed sex worker.  Jannelys has had to adjust to the audience being so close to the stage, “I thought it would be easier to perform for a smaller audience, but it was intimidating at first, because they were so close.  It took a minute to get used to it, but I am enjoying my work here.”
Pesto Pasta by Nacho Redondo seems to be the star of the season, with alumnus Carolina Pozo, playing the part of Luisa, an unhappily married woman.  Carolina has been looking forward to working in this type of intimate setting, “I realize that theatre is not solely about big venues with famous actors and actresses. It is about art and talent.  The concept of Micro Theater is urban and innovative.  I love it.” The small cast Pesto Pasta has been invited to return for an encore performance as part of Best of Micro, August 8 – 10, which includes a mix of English and Spanish shows.
The other English performances are Kill It by Nancho Novo, directed by Liz Gonzalez and Own Goal by David Trueba, directed by Issam Villamil.

The Micro Theater English season runs until July 17, every Wednesday and Thursday 8:00pm – 11:00pm.
Cost: $5.00 per play or $25.00 for all performances

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