FIU Theatre Students Get Professional Instruction at WLRN Studios


Ten Junior theatre majors were accompanied by Department Chair Phillip Church to the studios of WLRN Television. They brought with them their 30 second commercial projects and were mentored by the talented WLRN Director Michael Altimare. This is part of our continuing partnership of eight years for these annual mentorship visits to the WLRN studios. Future FIU actors and director’s being prepped in a professional environment before stepping into the professional world of a TV, theatre, or film career!

According to Monica Abreu, Junior BFA Performance, “having a kinesthetic style of learning, I personally enjoyed our visit to the WLRN studios.  Upon our arrival, director Michael Almitare immediately put our skills to the test, and before we knew it, we were in control of a live studio! It gave us a perspective on how a real television studio functions and operates. This visit has certainly sparked my interest in film and television, and I am eager to apply for an internship with WLRN in the near future.”

WLRN Studios with Theatre majors and shooting commercials.
WLRN Studios, where Theatre majors shot commercials
Maria Manino Justin Bracket  Erik Rodriguez with WLRN Sound Engineer
Maria Manino, Justin Bracket, and Erik Rodriguez with WLRN Sound Engineer
FIU THeatre Majors at WLRN recording their own commercials
Theatre majors at WLRN recording their own commercials


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