FIU Theatre Department Annual Award Ceremony


On Sunday, April 27, The Theatre Department held its Annual Award Ceremony.  This annual event is held in honor of the Graduating Seniors, to pay tribute to them for scholastic achievement and to recognize their dedicated service to the Department.  Awards were presented in various categories (see below), each of the members of the graduating senior class was recognized, and the annual “Year in Review”, created by Alex Machado, was screened, to everyone’s enjoyment.  Amber Benson was the star of the afternoon, taking home two awards in the categories of Outstanding Performance and Academic Achievement.  The ceremony ended with a tribute in song from some of the students and Assistant Professor Rebecca Covey to Marilyn Skow, the Department of Theatre Chair, who is retiring in July.

The Theatre Department wishes to congratulate all the 2014 Spring Graduates.

The following awards were presented:




Service Award presented in recognition of outstanding service to the Theatre Department.

Alex Machado (BFA Performance)







Leadership Award presented in recognition of outstanding leadership within the Theatre Department.

Patricia Morales (BA)




Technical Merit Award presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishment, service and leadership in the area of technical design.

Samantha Llanes (BFA Scenic Design)








Development Award presented in recognition of exceptional growth and improvement in the Department.

David Neale (BA)






Performance Award presented in recognition of outstanding accomplishment, service and leadership in the area of performance.

Amber Benson (BFA Performance)








Academic Achievement Award presented in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

Amber Benson (BFA Performance)




therald todd

Yarelis Chavez (BFA Performance)

The Therald Todd Award honors the second Theatre Department Head, Therald Todd, an actor and director, known to FIU for his magnificent performance as King Lear.  He was instrumental in developing the Theatre Program at FIU and this award is presented to a student who portrays outstanding achievement in the area of theatre and service.




Also graduating this semester:

Carry Antenor – BA
Alexis Crowley – BA
Katiana Davila – BA
Michael Engelmann – BA
Gabriella Lopez – BA
Nakeyta Moore – BA
Kevin Preval – BA
Rachael Rodriguez – BA
Jannelys Santos – BA
Yonettsy Santos – BA
Charles Sothers – BA
Chaille Stovall – BA
Vania Vieta – BA
Florencia Ancewicz BFA Scenic Design
William Cadena – BFA Performance
Kayla Martinez – BFA Performance
Rafael Martinez – BFA Performance
Amanda Ortega – BFA Performance
Patrick Rodriguez – BFA Performance
Dung Truong – BFA Design

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