Faculty Summer Activities: Marina Pareja, Costume Designer


Assistant Professor, Marina Pareja, was the costume designer for City Theatre’s Summer Shorts: Homegrown Edition. The program featured eight short plays written by South Florida playwrights and Pareja was responsible for costuming all eight shows.

The program featured a wide-range of characters and locations, all of which needed costumes to support the story. They ranged from a wedding, to a coffee shop, to outer space.

Christine Dolen of Artburst Miami said Pareja “underscored the personalities from so many worlds with her costumes.”

Chabely Ponce and Toddra Brunson in 2201: Xibalba by Chris Anthony Ferrer. Costumes designed by Marina Pareja. Photo by Morgan Sophia

Pareja was part of a creative ensemble of South Florida theatre artists which included many FIU Theatre alumni and faculty. Fellow faculty member Ivan R. Lopez wrote one of the plays and alumni Melissa Almaguer (director), Samuel Krogh (actor), Ernesto Gonzalez (sound designer), and Daniella Valdivieso (intern) were also part of the team.

“The collaborative experience of working alongside such a remarkably talented cohort has been nothing short of inspiring,” says Pareja. “Their prowess and dedication have not only facilitated the execution of this intricate production but have also underscored the camaraderie and professionalism inherent in Miami’s theatrical milieu.”

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