Creating Devised Theatre- Study Abroad in Spain, Summer 2016!


Theater is about telling stories and capturing a wide range of experiences. This summer you will have the chance to broaden your performance style to include local traditions from culturally rich Spain. The skills developed in this class will be invaluable in creating original work in a collaborative environment. In today’s artistic landscape, actors are increasingly turning to self-generated work as a way to advance their career and develop their own artistic voice. This program is open to all qualified students and alumni. The program is only open to 15 creative and energetic students, so apply early and take advantage of scholarship and financial aid possibilities!

studentsinspainProgram Description

For thousands of years, people from around the world have flocked to Spain to embark on a 500 mile long pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago.  Students in our Devised Theatre program will have the unique opportunity to connect with travelers in the midst of their journey and discover Why They Walk.  This program is designed for the student interested in collaborative theatre.  Students will spend three weeks in Spain interviewing pilgrims and town locals.  From those interviews and prior research, they will create an original theatre piece to be presented in both Spain and FIU.  By the end of the summer, students will have learned about devised theatre techniques, developed research skills, and created work in a collaborative environment — an invaluable skill in today’s artistic landscape.  The company will need passionate artists, each with their own set of skills, that together form an ensemble that serves the creation of the story both onstage and off.  Interested students will go through an interview process.  This program promises to be a transformative cultural and artistic experience for all.

Location Description

La Rioja is in the northern part of Spain at the foot of the Cantabrian Mountains.  Students will spend days creating and rehearsing the show at the Palacio de los Manso Zúñiga.  In the late afternoons/evenings, students will travel to different albergues where the pilgrims settle for the night.  Students will conduct their interviews and research at the albergues and its immediate surroundings.


Students will be housed in the Palacio de los Manso Zúñiga, a stunning 100 year old property that has been modernized into a school and double-occupancy dormitory.

Level of Physical Activity

3 out of 5 stars


Summer C 2016


May 16 – May 25 – Classes at FIU

May 26 – July 9 – Independent Study

July 10 – July 30 – Development of Project in Spain


TPP 4920 – Advanced Actors Workshop


3 credits


The cost of the program is $2,450.  This includes accommodations, local transportation, breakfast/lunch, and mandatory international health insurance. Program costs do not include airfare, dinners, books, and personal expenses.


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